Wheeler High SPLOST Construction Website

Welcome to the Wheeler website designed to provide updates on the construction of the new building and all things related to SPLOST at Wheeler.


Latest update 12/5/2013

*** NOTE:  The front parking lot completion date has been moved to the end of January because of the weather.  Right now we are looking at January 22nd as out target date.


We are in the process of designing a new gym and a new performing arts center.

The new gym will go where the "church" is and the PAC will be build between the Music bldg and the 509D (3-Story) bldg.

The new gym will hold approximately 3000 spectators and will be a showcase for our basketball program.  We will keep the

present gym (which seats aournd 1800).

The new PAC will seat around 750 and have a new Black Box Theater.  This bldg will be attached to the Music bldg.

There will also be athletic upgrades to the stadium...new aluminum bleachers and refinished restrooms and concession stand.

We understand how much the school means to the community and the surrounding area and would like any feedback or ideas you might have to make the process more effective and inclusive.

Please email any concerns or ideas to Dr. David Chiprany, Principal or Dr. Charles Braddock, Assistant Principal

 This is a picture of the front foyer taken last week.  Notcie the gym floor that has been attached to the wall.



Below is what the entrance to the new building will look like.


Another Look From Northside Drive


Below is an aerial photo taken in January 2013.



If you have any questions please call me at 770-578-3266 ext 304 or email me at Charles.braddock@cobbk12.org