Wheeler High SPLOST Construction


Wheeler High School Addition and Modification


*** NOTE:   The week of June 3rd BOTH roads leading to the tennis courts and the baseball field will be under construction and will not usable.  Northside drive (leading to the tennis courts will be under construction for about 3 weeks beginning June 3rd, from the wrestling room to the tennis courts.


Summer 2013 work schedule.


Below is an aerial view of construction at the beginning of January, 2013


1/1/2013 - 3/31/2013

Complete the new building and get a temp CO


4/17/13 - 5/31/13

Furniture and equipment move-in to new 2-story Classroom Addition


5/31/13 - 6/14/13

Teacher move-in from Portable Classrooms to new 2-Story Classroom Addition

Administration & Guidance move-in to new 2-Story Classroom Addition

Cafeteria & Kitchen move-in to new 2-Story Classroom Addition

Teacher move-in from Special Ed Building to new 2-Story Addition

Prepare OLD Gymnasium, Admin Area, Special Ed Building, Kitchen & Cafeteria for demolition

Store Drafting in a temporary location until new location is completed by 7/20/12

Remove Portable Classrooms from front parking lot


1/31/13 - 7/20/13

Finish Teacher move-in to new 2-story Classroom Addition

Renovate existing Art CR for Drafting

Renovate CRs 140 & 141 from temporary configuration to new ROTC classroom and storage area

Construct Front Canopy and North Admin Canopy


6/15/13 - 7/20/13

Demolish existing Gymnasium, Admin Area, Kitchen, Cafeteria, & Special Ed building

Construct new curb cut

Begin Construction of underground detention at new Bus Parking


 6/20/13 - 7/30/13

Begin sitework at Bus Parking, creating temporary access to kitchen & new front entrance


6/20/13 - 12/17/13

Complete Bus Parking

Temporarily relocate Ticket Booth to handicap lift side of Field House

Construct Alt. 7 - Bus Canopy


8/5/13 - 12/20/13

Relocate morning Bus drop off to south side of campus - at Magnet Building

 Repave remaining parking and drives

Construct back detention area