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Governor's Honors Program 2005 - 2006

Mandatory meeting for those interested in GHP 2006
Tuesday, September 6 at 3:30 pm (in the auditorium)

Any students who wants to compete MUST attend this meeting, as vital information will be disseminated.  The deadline for getting a teacher nomination will be just a few days following that meeting, so missing the meeting may very well eliminate a student from the competition.

We will have several past GHP student finalists there who can give information about the program and tell about their summer experience.  The meeting will last about an hour.

The prestigious Governor's Honors Program (GHP) is available to intellectually gifted and talented sophomores and juniors.  Students go through an intensive interview process at the school, county, and state levels.  Fewer than 800 students from across Georgia become GHP "winners"; these students are rewarded with an all-expense-paid six week study program under the auspices of the State Department of Education, held on the campus of Valdosta State University.  Wheeler finalists who have attended the program enthusiastically maintain that it is an incredible experience, both intellectually and socially.

Parents/Students who want more information about the Governor's Honors Program can go online to www.valdosta.edu.  (Valdosta State University is the site for the summer program.)  Click on the menu "Select Links" in the upper left, and then click on Governor's Honors (VSU).  This site answers all questions about GHP and what is involved in the six-week summer experience.

For questions about GHP, call Mrs. Taaffe at 770-568-6233, ext 257. 

  • GHP website

  • Joyce Taaffe
    Academic Coordinator
    math, english, social  studies, science, foreign language

  • Suzanne Yates
    Fine Arts Coordinator 
    instrumental music, voice, visual art, drama, dance, piano

  • Patty Morgan
    Career/Technology Coordinator
    executive management, computer design, computer programming

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