Faculty List 2018-2019

Wheeler Staff by Department

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(DL) Denotes Department Leader
* Gifted Endorsed Teachers
+ AP Certification and/or AP Certification with Gifted Training

Giles, Dr. Peter Principal Peter.Giles@cobbk12.org
Barnes, Christian Assistant Principal, 10th Grade Focus Christian.Barnes@cobbk12.org
Crooks, Dr. Cheryl Assistant Principal, Magnet Coordinator Cheryl.Crooks@cobbk12.org
Ealy, Ken Assistant Principal, Student Government Ken.Ealy@cobbk12.org
Jones, Troy Assistant Principal, Athletic Director Troy.Jones@cobbk12.org
McCabe, Pamela
Assistant Principal, Freshman Focus Pamela.McCabe@cobbk12.org
Sawyer, Michael School Leadership Intern Michael.Sawyer@cobbk12.org
Stark, Dr. Tiffany Assistant Principal, Curriculum Tiffany.Stark@cobbk12.org
Aguillon, Tiera Career/Technology - Culinary Arts Tiera.Aguillon@cobbk12.org
Berwanger, Mars Career/Technology - Engineering Mars.Berwanger@cobbk12.org
Bolen, Valerie (DL) Career/Technology - Drafting Valerie.Bolen@cobbk12.org
Dezern, Stanley "Will" Career/Technology - Horticulture Stanley.Dezern@cobbk12.org
Feddersen, Kelly Career/Technology - Marketing 50% Kelly.Feddersen@cobbk12.org
Gainsford, Liz Career/Technology - Digital Technology 50% Elizabeth.Gainsford@cobbk12.org
Hunt, Sharon Career/Technology - Healthcare Sharon.Hunt@cobbk12.org
Kuhn, Leigh Anne Career/Technology - Video Productions LeighAnne.Kuhn@cobbk12.org
Love, SMSgt. Les Career/Technology - ROTC Leslie.Love@cobbk12.org
Phillips, Diane Career/Technology - Healthcare Diane.Phillips@cobbk12.org
Sneeze, Frankie Career/Technology - Culinary Arts Frankie.Sneeze@cobbk12.org
Wicker, Latrice + Career/Technology - Information Technology Latrice.Wicker@cobbk12.org
Xiques, Col. George Career/Technology - ROTC George.Xiques@cobbk12.org
Cobb Virtual, Georgia Virtual, GradPoint/NovaNet
Beverly, Leticia GradPoint/NovaNet Paraprofessional Leticia.Beverly@cobbk12.org
Todd, Julian GradPoint/NovaNet Julian.Todd@cobbk12.org
Riccio, Lance GradPoint/NovaNet, Wrestling Coach Lance.Riccio@cobbk12.org
Counseling  Direct #: 770-578-3269   FAX: 770-578-3282
Akins, Marcia Records Clerk (ext 036) Marcia.Akins@cobbk12.org
Bresch, Lotty Counseling Clerk (ext 035) Lotty.Bresch@cobbk12.org
Cotson, Jasmine Counseling, H - N, AVID (ext 041) Jasmine.Cotson@cobbk12.org
Dailey, Erica Counseling, O - Z, STEAM (ext 037) Erica.Dailey@cobbk12.org
Mills, Kara (DL) Counseling, Dual Enrollment (ext 038) Kara.Mills@cobbk12.org
Moudgal, Sumana Counseling, Magnet (ext 039) Sumana.Moudgal@cobbk12.org
Seigler, Myrel Counseling, Special Projects 50% (ext 044) Myrel.Seigler@cobbk12.org
Tucker-Edwards, Jackie Counseling, A - G (ext 040) Jacquelyn.Edwards@cobbk12.org
Banks, Caprice English Caprice.Banks@cobbk12.org
Bonham, Dana * English Dana.Bonham@cobbk12.org
Carter, Dr. Jimmy *+ English Jimmy.Carter@cobbk12.org
Clements, Brian English Brian.Clements@cobbk12.org
Leach, Donna * English Donna.Leach@cobbk12.org
Mueller, Amy English Amy.Mueller@cobbk12.org
Nalazek, Cassandra English 50% Cassandra.NalazeK@cobbk12.org
Sellman, Jennifer English Jennifer.Sellman@cobbk12.org
Skipworth, Robin *+ English Robin.Skipworth@cobbk12.org
Thompson, Tara *+ English Tara.Thompson@cobbk12.org
Todoric, Dejla *+ English Dejla.Todoric@cobbk12.org
Wernstrom, Haylee English Haylee.Wernstrom@cobbk12.org
Wickham, Heather * English, Newspaper Advisor Heather.Wickham@cobbk12.org
Williams, Amanda *+ English, Yearbook Advisor Amanda.Williams@cobbk12.org
Worthy, Melissa * (DL) English Melissa.Worthy@cobbk12.org
Bannova, Galina ESOL - IEL Galina.Bannova@cobbk12.org
Buhler, Rachel * (DL) ESOL - Math/AVID Rachel.Buhler@cobbk12.org
Huntington, Carol ESOL - English/Social Studies Vivian.Huntington@cobbk12.org
Kraj, Patsy ESOL - Science Patsy.Kraj@cobbk12.org
Mot, Cynthia ESOL - English Cynthia.Mot@cobbk12.org
Myasnikova, Natalya ESOL - Math 50% Natalya.Myasnikova@cobbk12.org
Polk, Kamisha ESOL - IEL Kamisha.Polk@cobbk12.org
Sorensen, Celeste ESOL - Math Celeste.Sorensen@cobbk12.org
Fine Arts
Briner, Kathleen *+ Art Kathleen.Briner@cobbk12.org
Higdon, Anthony Band - Asst. Director Anthony.Higdon@cobbk12.org
Hoskins, Mark Band - Director Mark.Hoskins@cobbk12.org
Karr, Kelly + Art Kelly.Karr@cobbk12.org
Perry, John Chorus John.Perry@cobbk12.org
Strickland, Dayna Theatre Dayna.Strickland@cobbk12.org
Wasson, Dr. Dwayne + (DL) Orchestra Dwayne.Wasson@cobbk12.org
Crooks, Dr. Cheryl Magnet Coordinator, Assistant Principal Cheryl.Crooks@cobbk12.org
Klinkmueller, Maureen Magnet Clerk Maureen.Klinkmueller@cobbk12.org
Moudgal, Sumana Magnet Counselor Sumana.Moudgal@cobbk12.org
Regitsky, Stacy Magnet Program Advisor Stacy.Regitsky@cobbk12.org
Alexander-VanEaton, Pamela * Math Pamela.Alexander-VanEaton@cobbk12.org
Brattebo, Amber Math Amber.Brattebo@cobbk12.org
Brown, Amanda Math Amanda.Brown@cobbk12.org
Christmas, Jari Math Jari.Christmas@cobbk12.org
Furstein, Ray *+ Math Raymond.Furstein@cobbk12.org
Grier, Laura * Math Laura.Grier@cobbk12.org
Ice, Dr. Nicole *+ Math, Boys Tennis Coach Nicole.Ice@cobbk12.org
Izquierdo, Veronique *+ Math Veronique.Izquierdo@cobbk12.org
Kent, Dr. Jeffrey *+ Math Jeffrey.Kent@cobbk12.org
Li, Ya + Math 50% Ya.Li@cobbk12.org
Massey, Vicki Math Vicki.Massey@cobbk12.org
Mortensen, Kendall Math Kendall.Mortensen@cobbk12.org
Morton, Amanda *+ Math Martha.Morton@cobbk12.org
Ostrowski, Megan Math Megan.Ostrowski@cobbk12.org
Rhodes, Shana Math Shana.Rhodes@cobbk12.org
Teitelman, Lauri Math Lauri.Teitelman@cobbk12.org
Thornton, Bjorn (DL) Math Bjorn.Thornton@cobbk12.org
Winston, Melissa Math Melissa.Winston@cobbk12.org
Media Center
Escott, Jacqueline Media Paraprofessional Jacqueline.Escott@cobbk12.org
Tehrani, Renee Media Specialist Renee.Tehrani@cobbk12.org
Physical Education
Brady, Ryan Physical Education Ryan.Brady@cobbk12.org
Clayton, Roy Physical Education Roy.Clayton@cobbk12.org
Collins, Mike (DL) Physical Education, Football Coach Michael.Collins@cobbk12.org
Jones, Tyler Physical Education Tyler.Jones@cobbk12.org
Samuel, Melanie Physical Education, Girl's Basketball Coach Melanie.Samuel@cobbk12.org
Thompson, Larry Physical Education, Boy's Basketball Coach Larry.Thompson@cobbk12.org
Adams, Dawn Science (Internship) 49% Dawn.Adams@cobbk12.org
Berkemeier, Dr. Ginny *+ Science (Research/Internship) Ginny.Berkemeier@cobbk12.org
Callison-Bliss, Jennifer Science Jennifer.Callison-Bliss@cobbk12.org
Cody, Dr. John *+ Science John.Cody@cobbk12.org
Deason, Ashley *+ Science, Cheer Coach (FB/Comp) Ashley.Deason@cobbk12.org
Ereddia, Danielle Science Danielle.Ereddia@cobbk12.org
Howell, Dr. Joel Science, Athletic Coordinator, Girls Lacrosse Joel.Howell@cobbk12.org
Machado, Flavia * Science Flavia.Johnson@cobbk12.org
Lawrence, Edward *+ Science Edward.Lawrence@cobbk12.org
Lindsay, Ian *+ Science Ian.Lindsay@cobbk12.org
Marks, Monica Science Monica.Marks@cobbk12.org
Phillips, Susan *+ Science Susan.Phillips@cobbk12.org
Quinlan, Edward Science Edward.Quinlan@cobbk12.org
Ritchie, Dr. Jason Science Jason.Ritchie@cobbk12.org
Ritenour, Eric *+ Science Eric.Ritenour@cobbk12.org
Stalcup, Season * Science, Girls Softball Asst. Coach Season.Stalcup@cobbk12.org
Walstead, Chris *+ (DL) Science Christopher.Walstead@cobbk12.org
Wiley, Deanna Science Deanna.Wiley@cobbk12.org
Social Studies
Astorian,  Dr. Laura *+ Social Studies Laura.Astorian@cobbk12.org
Berry, Elizabeth *+ Social Studies Elizabeth.Berry@cobbk12.org
Blair, Jeanne *+ Social Studies, Girls Soccer Coach Jeanne.Blair@cobbk12.org
D'Agostino, Shauna* Social Studies Shauna.DAgostino@cobbk12.org
Garcia, Alex + Social Studies Alex.Garcia@cobbk12.org
Kietzman Johnson, Sarah *+ Social Studies, Freshman Focus Coordinator Sarah.Kietzman@cobbk12.org
Kurkjian, Sean Social Studies Sean.Kurkjian@cobbk12.org
Lewis, Rachel Social Studies Rachel.Lewis@cobbk12.org
McDowell, Garret Social Studies Garret.McDowell@cobbk12.org
Moss, Ian Social Studies, Boys Soccer Coach Ian.Moss@cobbk12.org
Needle, Ben *+ Social Studies, AVID Coordinator Ben.Needle@cobbk12.org
Nichols, Robby Social Studies, Boys Lacrosse Coach Robert.Nichols@cobbk12.org
Taylor, Lindsay Social Studies Lindsay.Taylor@cobbk12.org
White, Matthew *+ (DL) Social Studies Matthew.White2@cobbk12.org
Special Education
Arny, Margaret Special Education- Paraprofessional Margaret.Arny@cobbk12.org
Beasley, Marla Special Education Marla.Beasley@cobbk12.org
Bigbee, Amy Special Education Amy.Bigbee@cobbk12.org
Bryant, Santavious Special Education Santavious.Bryant@cobbk12.org
Case, Rob Special Education Robert.Case@cobbk12.org
Czerwonka, Barbara Special Education- Paraprofessional Barbara.Czerwonka@cobbk12.org
Doe, Bryce Special Education Bryce.Doe@cobbk12.org
Geraghty, Susan Special Education Susan.Geraghty@cobbk12.org
Holcomb-Knowles, Cathleen Special Education Cathleen.Holcomb-Knowles@cobbk12.org
Huston, Cheryl Special Education- Paraprofessional Cheryl.Huston@cobbk12.org
Joyner, Phyllis Special Education-
Support and Services Administrator
Leyva, Rosalia Special Education Rosalia.Leyva@cobbk12.org
Matthys, Susanna Special Education Susanna.Matthys@cobbk12.org
Oakley, Faye (DL) Special Education Faye.Oakley@cobbk12.org
Rich, Mary Special Education Mary1.Rich@cobbk12.org
Russell, Lauren Special Education Lauren.Russell@cobbk12.org
Stier, Mary Special Education, Cheer Coach (BB) Mary.Stier@cobbk12.org
Thigpen, James Special Education James.Thigpen@cobbk12.org
White, Donyeer Special Education- Paraprofessional Donyeer.White@cobbk12.org
Wright, Marquis Special Education- Paraprofessional Marquis.Wright@cobbk12.org
World Languages
Colden, Sindy Spanish Sindy.Colden@cobbk12.org
Cooper, Leslie Spanish & ESOL Leslie.Cooper@cobbk12.org
Moldovan, Rachel French Rachel.Moldovan@cobbk12.org
Muller, Meggan + French Meggan.Muller@cobbk12.org
Rodriguez Zapatero, Jonayra + Spanish Jonayra.RodriguezZapatero@cobbk12.org
Vasquez, Patricia * Spanish Patricia.Vasquez@cobbk12.org
Ward, Cameron *+ (DL) Latin, Swim Coach, Golf Coach Cameron.Ward@cobbk12.org
Zhang, Yuening Chinese Yuening.Zhang@cobbk12.org
Support Staff
Arcuragi, Vani Parent Liason (Spanish/Portugese Interpreter) Vani.Arcuragi@cobbk12.org
Bennett, Raizel Attendance Raizel.Bennett@cobbk12.org
Beville, Lisa Head Custodian Lisa.Beville@cobbk12.org
Bopp, Molly Psychologist Molly.Bopp@cobbk12.org
Brettner, Mary Secretary Mary.Brettner@cobbk12.org
Bright, Monica School Social Worker Monica.Bright@cobbk12.org
Collins, Judy Receptionist Judy.Collins@cobbk12.org
Collins, Mark ISS, Baseball Coach Mark.Collins@cobbk12.org
Hansen, Jill Physical Therapy Jill.Hansen@cobbk12.org
Hough, Patricia Nurse Patricia.Hough@cobbk12.org
Keel, Katherine Speech Katherine.Keel@cobbk12.org
Ledford, Tate Police Officer Tate.Ledford@cobbk12.org
Losner, Yvonne Admin IV Clerk Yvonne.Losner@cobbk12.org
Payne, Pari Bookkeeper Parivash.Payne@cobbk12.org
Ramos, Erlinda Cafe' Manager Erlinda.Ramos@cobbk12.org
Robbins, Terri Synergy Scheduling Clerk/Grade Book Mgr. Terri.Robbins@cobbk12.org
Threeton, Millie Graduation Coach 49% Mildred.Threeton@cobbk12.org
Williams, Chet Police Officer Chet.Williams@cobbk12.org