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Wheeler General Information

Emergency Forms
Fill out your Emergency Info sheet and send it in to the attendance office as soon as possible.

Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) - View your child's grade online!
Cobb County School District offers PIV as a means to further communicate with parents.  By joining this program, you will have instant, online access to your child's attendance and grades.  More info

WHEELER HIGH SCHOOL is located in northeast Cobb County, Georgia, USA.  It is near the city of Marietta, about 22 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta.  Wheeler has been in operation since 1965.  It is a standard public school of the State of Georgia and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Directions

THE CENTER FOR ADVANCED STUDIES MAGNET PROGRAM   The program is part of the National Consortium of Science, Math and Technology Magnet Schools offering an advanced curriculum to highly motivated students. By junior year, Center students are taking classes typically found at the university level. Current students come from private, public and homeschool environments.  The magnet offers an intimate, challenging education with like-minded peers. Admission is open to all qualified eighth graders who reside in Cobb County, Georgia.. Admission is competitive and applications are due in early December.  The Center for Advance Studies is gaining national attention as a premier education opportunity. Visit the Magnet website.

POPULATION  Wheeler has approximately 1,910 students.  The student body is very active - 30% participating in athletics, 90% participating in extracurricular activities.  Wheeler students achieve high scores on the SAT each year.  About 81% of our graduates go on to college.  74% attend four-year colleges and universities while 7% choose two-year colleges.

Wheeler Cluster Schools include:  Middle School - East Cobb Middle, Elementary Schools - Eastvalley, Sope Creek, Sedalia Park, Brumby & Powers Ferry.

CURRICULUM  A total of 24 credits are required for graduation at Wheeler.  We are on a 4X4 Block schedule.  Students take 4 classes each semester and earn 4 units of credit per semester.  The typical schedule will contain 2 core classes and 2 electives, or 3 core classes and 1 elective.

Wheeler offers a wide range of courses, including many honors and over 20 AP level classes for students pursing a college preparatory diploma.  We also have technical/vocational courses for those seeking a vocational diploma.  The Center for Advanced Studies offers dual college prep and technology diplomas with the Magnet designation. Visit the Magnet website for more details about the Center's curriculum.

MASCOT  Wildcat  

COLORS  Navy Blue, Gold, and White


Mission Statement  

Challenging  All  To  Succeed

Belief Statements

1.  Student learning is the chief priority of the school.
2.  The responsibility for learning is a collaborative effort among teachers, students, parents, and community members.  
3.  Students learn best when they are actively engaged in demonstrating their understanding in meaningful contexts.  
4.  We are committed to continuous improvement that encourages students to be confident, self-directed lifelong learners.  
5.  Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.  
6.  Students will have a variety of assessments to demonstrate their achievements.  
7.  A safe and encouraging environment promotes student learning.  
8.  Students will have the skills necessary for life and work.  


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