Parking Information

2014-15 FALL Semester Parking

With the addition of the new bus port and parking lot, students will be able to park in the lower parking again!! With the new lots we are going to make Northside Drive (road alongside the Auditorium and new bus port) a one way road for the entrance to the lower lot and Southside drive will be a one way exit to Holt Road. At some point during the fall semester (hopefully fall break in September) Southside Drive will be closed for construction and Northside Drive will be a two way road. Until that point PLEASE remember that to enter the Lower lot use Northside Drive and Southside Drive will be exit only.

If any one of the following documents is incomplete, your application will be returned to you for correction and completion.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits will be sold starting Tuesday July 29.  Forms are available on the website and can be turned in to Mrs. Losner in the main office.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted and forms will also not be accepted for students with outstanding fines.  Parking Permits are for one semester only and new applications will be needed for spring semester. We will also have a booth to sell student parking permits during Upper Class Wildcat Daze on July 31 from 6 to 8 pm.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures:

Please refer the two maps below that outline our Arrival/Dismissal procedures for buses, car riders, and students with parking permits. Please note: Buses enter and leave on North Side Drive, car riders enter on Northside Drive, drop off by the Main Lobby of the school and exit only to the right onto Holt Road, and students with parking permits enter on Northside Drive during morning arrival and exit on Southside drive during their dismissal.  The first week will be a learning curve for all so please be patient and follow the directive of our campus officers and crossing guard.

 Please click here for the morning traffic pattern and here for the afternoon traffic pattern.

Download and complete the following forms

Also attach

  • Copy of student’s current Georgia driver’s license
  • Copy of Student’s proof of insurance
    This document must reflect the company’s name, telephone #, policy #, dates of coverage, and the vehicle the student will be driving.
  • $50.00 check made out to Wheeler High School.

Do not staple the application, use a paper clip.  Please put the papers in the order listed above with the check paper clipped on top. All applications MUST be enclosed in an envelope with name and grade printed on the outside.

Make sure that all information requested on the application is entered, for example: VIN #, Tag #, License #, School Site, etc.          

If you are a "Joint Enrollment" , "Magnet Intership", "Minimum Day" or "RISE" student, write it across the top of the application.

NOTE:  Students will not park in teacher's spaces or visitor's spaces at anytime during school hours at East Cobb, ESBC or Wheeler.  Violators will be towed.