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Publications and Media

The Catalyst Newsmagazine
Purpose & Mission: To publish a monthly newsmagazine that is written, designed, produced & funded by students
Sponsor: Christine Young
Meetings: 3rd block class OR after school meetings during deadlines
When: Entire year
Background Req.: Recommendation from Language Arts Teacher or Photography Teacher, high level of writing skills
Activities: Publish 7 issues during the school year, journalism banquet, monthly potluck lunches, writing workshops
Parent Involvemt.: None required
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Wildcat TV
Purpose & Mission: To document school activities & promote spirit
Sponsor: Leigh Anne Kuhn
Meetings: Must be enrolled in Broadcast Video class; videotape and edit WHS events during and outside school hours
Cost: None
When: Entire year
Background Req.: Need to be enrolled in a current media class; Good camera skills and some video production knowledge; Reliable participation
Activities: Provide sports/event coverage through weekly broadcasts
Parent Involvemt.: Transportation help if needed
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Roar Yearbook
Purpose & Mission: Produce Wheeler's award-winning yearbook
Sponsor: Amanda Williams
Meetings: Monthly meetings, work during class, before/after school, camp
Cost: Camp costs ($100 at least)
When: Entire year
Background Req.: "Intro to Journalism" class
Parent Involvemt.: Not required but available
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