One Team, One Goal: Student Success!

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Core Values

  • Achievement - aspiring to the highest level of excellence
  • Integrity - demonstrating honesty, consistency, taking responsibility for action, being worthy of trust
  • Creativity/Innovation - supporting flexibility, adaptability in keeping up with changes in education and technology
  • Accountability - taking responsibility for actions, outcomes, and expectations


  1. We believe successful schools are a foundation of community stability, growth, and prosperity.
  2. We believe family and community engagement is critical to student and district success.
  3. We believe in a constant and purposeful focus on what is best for students.
  4. We believe creativity and innovation are encouraged and embraced by all stakeholders.
  5. We believe in cultivating a positive environment where students are provided pathways for success.


  • Vary learning experiences to increase success in career paths.
  • Differentiate resources for areas/schools based on needs.
  • Develop stakeholder involvement to promote student success.
  • Recruit, hire, support, and retain employees for the highest levels of excellence.