Addison Elementary School

Susan Hallmark, Principal

Brad Cohen, Assistant Principal

3055 Ebenezer Road
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Phone: 770-578-2700
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After School Program

The After School Program at Addison is available from 2:30-6:00 PM for those students, grades K- 5, who attend Addison Elementary and are registered in the program. (You may request a registration form from the office.)


If school should close early for any reason -- THERE IS NO ASP - Students will be sent home based on Inclement Weather forms completed by parents and on file with homeroom teachers.

Registration Forms and Annual Fee

An annual registration fee of $10 per child is necessary to fund the initial start-up costs each year (such as forms and supplies) and MUST BE PAID at the time the parent registers the child. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the ASP Program of any changes of the information, particularly phone numbers and emergency contact, on the ASP Registration Form.

Daily Fee

The After School Program is a PRE-PAID program. The attendance fee is $7 per day/per child. This fee ensures that After School Programs continue to be self-supporting, operate efficiently and provide the required teacher to student ratio. Taxpayer revenues do not fund this program. The daily tuition pays for all staffing needs, snacks, supplies, and games for the After School Program. Payments should be enclosed in the gold ASP envelopes clearly labeeld with students full name, teacher, and amount. If the payment is for more than one student, please include names of all students and amounts you want deposited to each student’s account. Do not include other school money, such as lunch, PTA or field trips. Change will not be given. All money will be credited to the student’s ASP account.

Outstanding Balances

Your child must have a positive account balance of at least $7 on the day you plan to send your child. As a courtesy, our clerks may contact parent whose balances are running low or delinquent however, it is the parent’s responsibility to know their account balances and make payments in a timely manner.

A student will be suspended from the program for non-payment of fees and other after-school childcare arrangements will need to be made.

If you have questions about your account balance, please contact one of our ASP clerks, Brooke Stanchie or Beth Bilton.

**All ASP refunds must be requested in writing. Monthly or Summary Student ASP Account Statements are available by request. All requests should be directed to the ASP Clerk.

Online Payments

ASP online payments may be made through MyPaymentsPlus.

If you do not already have an ASP shopping cart, they must register their child(ren) first on MyPaymentsPlus to build an ASP shopping cart. The student's ASP shopping cart information will not be available until after a nightly cycle is complete. Please be sure you do not apply an ASP credit card payment to the “meals” shopping cart because meal payments do not route to the ASP program

ASP online payments cannot be made using the MyPaymentsPlus mobile App. Please continue to use this mobile APP for Meal Payments only.

Returned Checks

If a check is returned unpaid from the bank, the check will be charged back to your student’s account. If the account becomes delinquent, you will have three (3) days from the date notified by the school to bring the account current. Failure to pay within this time may result in the student being removed from ASP. After two (2) returned checks, only CASH or MONEY ORDERS will be accepted for the remainder of the school year.

Late Pick-Ups, Behavior Expectations and Dismissal Procedures

NOTICE: Change in ASP Discipline & Late Pick-Up Policies


ASP Discipline Policy Update

If a student receives three write-ups, the student will be suspended from the program for one week. Upon the student’s return, if they receive a fourth write-up, they will be suspended from the program for the rest of the semester.

If a student receives a write up for any physical infraction (including but not limited to: hitting, spitting, kicking, throwing an item at another student, causing intentional harm to another student, etc.), they will receive an immediate two-day suspension from the program along with a write-up.


ASP Late Pick-Up Policy Update

If a student is picked up late (after 6:00PM) three times, the student will be suspended from the program for one week. Upon the student’s return, if the student is picked up late for a fourth time, they will be suspended from the program for the rest of the semester.


These updates are effective immediately. If your student has already received any write-ups or late pick-up notices, they will count towards the updated policies. Thank you for your support!


2. To ensure the safety and security of all students in ASP, if an emergency occurs that threatens the welfare of a student, a school official will contact the Cobb County Police Department. Late pick-up from ASP may be considered such an emergency.

3. For the protection of your student, only people designated on the registration form will be allowed to pick up your student. IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REQUIRED. Each student must be signed out at the ASP desk every day.

 Kathy Rezac and Brielle Bahr – ASP Co-Directors

Questions about your account?

Email: Brooke Stanchie or Beth Bilton, ASP Clerks