Addison Elementary School

Susan Hallmark, Principal

Brad Cohen, Assistant Principal

3055 Ebenezer Road
Marietta, Georgia 30066
Phone: 770-578-2700
Fax: 770-578-2702

Addison School Council 2019/2020


Georgia law requires school councils to be part of the school improvement process at every public school in Georgia. By law, school councils are required to approve their school's School Improvement Plan (SIP) and make recommendations to their local board of education about ways to improve student achievement at their school for all of their students.

Addison’s School Council includes the principal, assistant principal, two elected teachers, parents and business representatives. The council is an integral part of the school improvement process and will help bring community concerns to school leadership.


Addison School Council Meeting Dates:

August 13th

October 8th

February 4th

March 10h

May 13h


**All meetings start at 7:30am in the Learning Commons