Addison Elementary School

Susan Hallmark, Principal

Brad Cohen, Assistant Principal

3055 Ebenezer Road
Marietta, Georgia 30066
Phone: 770-578-2700
Fax: 770-578-2702

Addison Study Groups

Whole faculty study groups yearly examine collected data to establish the school’s learning improvement focus.

Whole Faculty Study Groups serve as the structure for staff development and school improvement. This study group process promotes collegial interchange and incorporates the action research cycle. The entire faculty is divided into study groups of approximately six (6) members per group. The study groups are cross grade level/ cross discipline to promote and ensure school wide focus. The membership of each group remains unchanged for the academic school year. The group meets weekly for one hour. Based on areas of identified need, each group chooses, plans, and implements its area of study. The selected areas of study should directly impact student learning and achievement. These research findings are presented at the end of the year at the State of the School Address.

Year Area of Study
2011-2012 Technology Integration I
Technology Integration II
7 Habits of Highly Effective Students
Environmental Education
Writing Notebook
Pam Allyn-Writing/Reading
Specialized Instruction
Guided Math
Math Computation Problem Solving
Project C.R.I.S.S.
Science Garned Environment
Engagement and Motivating Students
Education Nation
2009-2010 Reading Comprehension
Good Reader's Fluency
Good Readers-Writing
Teaching in the 21st Century
2008-2009 Language Arts
Writing 6 + 1
Best Practices