Argyle Elementary School

Georgette Clinton, Principal   |   LeShon Graham, Asst. Principal

2420 Spring Road SE
Smyrna, GA 30080
Phone: 678-842-6800
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Early Intervention Program (E.I.P)

What is E.I.P?

E.I.P. is a state-funded program to help students, who are below grade level or who are at risk of performing below grade level, obtain the necessary skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest amount of time by lowering the student-teacher ratio in reading and/or math.

There are various models used to achieve this purpose. One is a heterogeneously-grouped, reduced-size classroom. Another is a very small homogeneously-grouped classroom. Also, in some instances, an E.I.P. teacher instructs a small group in the needed subject for one or more sessions each school day.

Who qualifies for E.I.P?

Students may be identified for the program through a variety of ways:

Standardized norm referenced test scores
Teacher Checklist in the classroom
Student Portfolios

The school will notify you if your child is in the E.I.P. program.