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Austell Elementary School
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Austell Elementary Art Information

Art Grading System for Learning Skills and Behaviors K-3

These are on the report card your child receives.


Exceeds (3+): Always meets Standards (Learning Skill) Goes beyond expectations
Meets Standards (3) Consistently and Independently
Progressing toward meeting standards (2)
Does not meet or Limited progress toward standards (1)
-- This would include rarely participating or never completing any tasks.

Learning Skills and Behavior

Organizes self and materials
Works neatly
Works Independently Asks questions/seeks help appropriately
Completes Tasks
Stays on Task Uses self control
Exhibits good listening skills
Accepts responsibility for behavior
Works cooperatively with others
Controls talking
Follows directions
Shows respect for peers, authority and property
This includes using art materials in the correct way.
I have gone over these expectations with all classes on the first day of Art Class. Thank you for your support!

Art Grading Rubric for 4th and 5th Grades

Printable Rubric for 4th and 5th Grade

Please email Mrs. Estes with questions.