All Events are Postponed Indefinitely

Austell Elementary School
5600 Mulberry Street
Austell, GA 30106
Phone: 770-819-5804
FAX: 678-398-0041

Austell Elementary Dress Code

All students are required to wear the standard attire uniform Monday-Friday each week.

Please remember that shirts and pants should be "logo free."


Shirts (polo or collared style)

Navy blue, light “baby” blue, and “classic” white (no off-white or cream colors)

Pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers

Navy blue or Khaki colors only
Pants and shorts must be worn with a belt
Skirts and jumpers must be knee length
Shirts must be tucked in


Brown, black, or white (solid color shoes)
Tennis shoes on PE days

Sweaters/light jackets

Navy blue, light “baby” blue, classic white