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We know that you only want the best for your child. Barber Middle School would like to provide you access to as many resources as possible to help your child meet with success during their middle school years.  We understand the daunting task of being a middle school parent, so we offer the following resources to help you provide the help your child needs to conquer their middle school obstacles.

Parents, please note that the curb alongside the entire front of the school is marked with a red curb indicating it is a "NO PARKING" zone for Fire/Emergency vehicles only. The Cobb County Police Department has recently visited the school and issued tickets for cars parked in the fire lane. The parking area for parents to visit the clinic is still in front of the building, but on the LEFT-hand side of the front drive....NOT along the red curb. Our principal, Mrs. Williams, wanted to make sure you all are aware that this is a matter that is being monitored by the Cobb County Police Department, and she has no control over their involvement. They are adamant about ticketing cars that are parked in the fire lane.
Skills Tutor

SkillsTutor provides scientifically-based content that is easily implemented to help learners master essential skills.

Download instructions for Skillstutor


Barber Blogs

Up to date information provided by teachers on what is happening in class and one resource for homework info. 

Click on the teacher's name to visit their weblog.


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The Barber PTSA Website                       


OAS Online
Online assessment system containing practice tests your child can take at home if he/she has access to the internet.
User name is student GTID (given to parents by homeroom teacher) Password is "education"



Online access to view your students grades.  User names and passwords are available from the attendance or guidance office.

Lexile Information

Georgia's Focus on Literacy Achievement and the Lexile Framework for Reading Initiative

Web Session For Parents

Parent Brochure

Look Up a Book


Cornerstones For Success

Parent Handbook



Student Agenda

Please ask to see your child's agenda on a regular basis. Teachers and parents can use this as a communication tool. In addition, the agenda contains the quarterly discipline management plan that parents can monitor on a daily basis.

ITBS Information
Parent Brochure
This brochure provides a quick explanation on the importance and purpose of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
Academic Placement and Promotion for 8th Grade Students

This site is designed to give access to a variety of resources to inform you of of the promotion and placement policy and provide resources to answer your questions.

Promotion Page


District Resources

Check the top bar across the home page for district resources

Cobb County School District Website

Annual Notification of Asbestos Management Plan
The Inspection Report and Management Plan for Barber has been prepared in compliance with the requirements of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). The purpose of the Inspection Report and Management Plan is for detecting, controlling and informing the public of any asbestos containing building materials that may exist in the facility. In the event that a building addition/renovation or response action is required at this facility, the Inspection Report and Management Plan will be revised accordingly.

Barber's Inspection Report is available for public review in the administrative office.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Enrollment

Here is a website where parents can enroll online and pay for the student accident insurance by debit or credit card. The website to enroll online is:  You have received an instruction slip in your student's folder. The website is the most efficient and effective method for you to purchase student accident insurance. You can even print an I.D. card after enrolling.

Click here to download the physical application.
Watch D.O.G.S.  End of the Day Survey

Thank you for volunteering at our school today! Please click on the link below to complete the survey. Use the access code given to you this morning during your orientation.

End of Day Survey

Watch D.O.G.S.