History of Blackwell Elementary School

Blackwell’s Consolidated School first opened on July 18, 1927 for the summer term. The first PTA was organized in 1927. The original building had eight classrooms and an auditorium. Each room had a coal burning stove for heat. There were no indoor restrooms, nor a lunchroom. The first lunchroom program was started in 1952 in the Agricultural building.

In the late 1930’s two more buildings were added to the school grounds, a Home Economics building and an Agriculture building which included a cannery. Indoor bathrooms were added in the early 1940’s. By 1954, an eight-classroom addition was built due to the growth in the area. Six additional classrooms, a library, and an administration building were built in 1967. Renovations and relighting of the entire facility were completed in 1975. A covered play area was added in 1985 and enclosed in 1987. Renovation during the 1988-89 school year made the school accessible for all disabled people. Additional renovations in 1991 enlarged the kitchen, enclosed the front walk, and replaced the out-of-date intercom with a state-of-the-art system.

Although the building had been well cared for and renovated throughout the years, it became obvious in 1994 that the old building had outlived its usefulness. Wiring within the building could not accommodate the technology and electronics available and needed by its students. Plumbing problems, settling floors and daily building maintenance problems required constant attention. A bond referendum was passed by Cobb County voters in 1995. Among the improvements approved was a new Blackwell Elementary School building.

The 1998-99 school year marked the beginning of a new era at Blackwell Elementary School. The new building was completed and we continue to work on making it feel like home. The current building is a "split level" with kindergarten, first, and second grades housed on the lower level; and third, fourth, and fifth grades on the upper level. The general administration is located on the main level along with the media center, dining room and music and art classrooms.

Our original cornerstone was installed at the front entrance to the building close to the flagpole. In the lobby area, two cases built into the walls display some of our Blackwell history treasures. These two walls showcase some of the original Blackwell bricks as well as two of the original keystones. The lobby area also boasts more of the original bricks and the third keystone. We believe this emphasis on the old, in conjunction with the new, heightens and enriches our unique Blackwell Elementary heritage.