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CCSD Board of Education Approved Appointments

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The Cobb County School Board has recently approved new assignments and/or appointments for the following people. Results below are sorted FIRST by the most recent Approval Date and then alphabetical by Last Name.

NameResumeApproval Date
Walker, PaulView Resume 12/14/2016
Dowd, ChristopherView Resume 11/9/2016
Fraser, BruceView Resume 11/9/2016
Bataglia-Simmons, AndreaView Resume 8/25/2016
Guillory, TracyView Resume 8/25/2016
Lorentz, AndrewView Resume 8/25/2016
James, LarryView Resume 8/10/2016
Kutscher, AndrewView Resume 8/10/2016
Penick, DanielView Resume 8/10/2016
Seibert, CathieView Resume 8/10/2016
Daniel, AnsleyView Resume 7/20/2016
Ellis, LeslieView Resume 7/20/2016
Gwyn, AprilView Resume 7/20/2016
Horn, RobertView Resume 7/20/2016
Jones, ChristopherView Resume 7/20/2016
Milton, JeffView Resume 7/20/2016
Ridgway, JenniferView Resume 7/20/2016
Southwell, KielView Resume 7/20/2016
Wilcher, TonyView Resume 7/20/2016
Williams, RhondaView Resume 7/20/2016