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CCSD Board of Education Approved Appointments

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The Cobb County School Board has recently approved new assignments and/or appointments for the following people. Results below are sorted FIRST by the most recent Approval Date and then alphabetical by Last Name.

Bailey, DerrickView Resume2016.03.24
Bates, BarbaraView Resume2016.03.24
Cole, BonnieView Resume2016.03.24
Curry, MichelleView Resume2016.03.24
Doolittle, Dr. SageView Resume2016.03.24
Giles, DanaView Resume2016.03.24
Hendrix, TangelaView Resume2016.03.24
Hill, AdamView Resume2016.03.24
Kogan, VictoriaView Resume2016.03.24
Stanley, DonaldView Resume2016.03.24
Stokes, MichaelView Resume2016.03.24
Stump, AmyView Resume2016.03.24
Sheppard-Floyd, NicoleView Resume2016.01.13
Hannon, LorettaView Resume2015.09.17
Jones, ValeireView Resume2015.09.17
Bryller, TiaView Resume2015.08.27
Odom, DavidView Resume2015.08.27
Church, DavidView Resume2015.08.12
Hintz, RebeccaView Resume2015.08.12
McClure, JanellView Resume2015.08.12