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CCSD Board of Education Approved Appointments

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The Cobb County School Board has recently approved new assignments and/or appointments for the following people. Results below are sorted FIRST by the most recent Approval Date and then alphabetical by Last Name.

Cain, PamelaView Resume2015.05.13
Campbell, AshlynnView Resume2015.05.13
Leach, LisaView Resume2015.05.13
Magee, DeniseView Resume2015.05.13
Polk, HannahView Resume2015.05.13
Spooner, WhitneyView Resume2015.05.13
Thomas, AlvinView Resume2015.05.13
Walker, JeanneView Resume2015.05.13
Daugherty, DouglasView Resume2015.04.30
Fisher, NathanView Resume2015.04.30
Havrilla, CarmenView Resume2015.04.30
Johnson, LorraineView Resume2015.04.30
Kelly, IsaacView Resume2015.04.30
Miles, AnnetteView Resume2015.04.30
Salter, ChrisView Resume2015.04.30
Shackelford, MelissaView Resume2015.04.30
Sharp, JosephView Resume2015.04.30
Smith, TuckerView Resume2015.04.30
Campoli, AshleyView Resume2015.04.15
Chiprany, DavidView Resume2015.04.15
Fiedler, LauraView Resume2015.04.15
Hinton, MeghanView Resume2015.04.15
Hinton, TwylaView Resume2015.04.15
Lair, ElizabethView Resume2015.04.15
Lawson, JenniferView Resume2015.04.15
Page, PhillipView Resume2015.04.15
Wentz, JamesView Resume2015.04.15
Doe, TracieView Resume2015.03.26
Joshua, TravisView Resume2015.03.26
Kelly, JohnView Resume2015.03.26
Vestal, JillView Resume2015.03.26
Gillihan, PaulView Resume2015.01.14
Trachtenbroit, MarkView Resume2014.12.10
Dills, WilliamView Resume2014.11.12
Dingee, MarkView Resume2014.11.12
Gaddis, DaleView Resume2014.11.12
Daniel, KevinView Resume2014.10.23
Robson, TanyaView Resume2014.10.23