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CCSD Board of Education Approved Appointments

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The Cobb County School Board has recently approved new assignments and/or appointments for the following people. Results below are sorted FIRST by the most recent Approval Date and then alphabetical by Last Name.

NameResumeApproval Date
Bailey, ToniaView Resume 6/8/2016
Griffeth, DoreenView Resume 6/8/2016
Honore, TiffanyView Resume 6/8/2016
Morrell, BenView Resume 6/8/2016
Rainey, StephanieView Resume 6/8/2016
Renna, MarcView Resume 6/8/2016
Sanford, CoreyView Resume 6/8/2016
Amlett, TiaView Resume 5/19/2016
Bryan, KristieView Resume 5/19/2016
Bultman, AlexiaView Resume 5/19/2016
Gray, EricView Resume 5/19/2016
Oliver, TaraView Resume 5/19/2016
Sharp, StaceyView Resume 5/19/2016
Thorpe, ShannonView Resume 5/19/2016
Travis, MarikayeView Resume 5/19/2016
Vaniman, CheriView Resume 5/19/2016
Wagner, EdwardView Resume 5/19/2016
Winter, CynthiaView Resume 5/19/2016
Campbell, DennisView Resume 5/11/2016
Hosey, AshleyView Resume 5/11/2016
Salter, ChrisView Resume 5/11/2016
Williams, LisaView Resume 5/11/2016
Barnes, ChristianView Resume 4/28/2016
Castle, JeffreyView Resume 4/28/2016
Hinton, TwylaView Resume 4/28/2016
Hooker, ShannonView Resume 4/28/2016
Inthirathvongsy, RattanaView Resume 4/28/2016
Jackson, TiffanyView Resume 4/28/2016
Lee, DebraView Resume 4/28/2016
Swinney, BarbaraView Resume 4/28/2016
Terza, ClintView Resume 4/28/2016
Wacker, KarenView Resume 4/28/2016
Young, SheletaView Resume 4/28/2016
Bailey, DerrickView Resume 3/24/2016
Bates, BarbaraView Resume 3/24/2016
Cole, BonnieView Resume 3/24/2016
Curry, MichelleView Resume 3/24/2016
Doolittle, Dr. SageView Resume 3/24/2016
Giles, DanaView Resume 3/24/2016
Hendrix, TangelaView Resume 3/24/2016
Hill, AdamView Resume 3/24/2016
Kogan, VictoriaView Resume 3/24/2016
Stanley, DonaldView Resume 3/24/2016
Stokes, MichaelView Resume 3/24/2016
Stump, AmyView Resume 3/24/2016