One Team, One Goal: Student Success!

2009-2014 Strategic Plan and Targets

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Providing a World Class Education In Cobb County Schools
A Plan for a Renewed Focus and Commitment to Excellence

View or download the CCSD Strategic Plan and Strategic Targets documents (Adobe PDF).

The improved performance of all students and district alignment to support that performance is guided by a strategic plan that provides overall direction to the school district and serves as the foundation for monitoring student success and district accountability. Each year, the plan is updated and will continue to evolve into an integrated management tool reflective of the Board of Education’s constancy of purpose as well as the Board of Education's innovative flexibility.

The CCSD Strategic Plan strengthens the District Focus by further delineating the goals of the Board of Education with a greater emphasis on the measurement of outcomes. This updated strategic focus places emphasis in three critical areas: process, people, and performance.

Strategic Plan


The mission of the Cobb County School District is to provide an academically rigorous, caring and safe educational environment in partnership with families, students and the community.


Our vision is a community with a passion for learning.

Board of Education Academic Priorities

The strength of the strategic plan is rooted in the academic priorities of the Board of Education. These priorities serve to further define/refine the direction of the school district, establish the basis for a congruent multi-year planning strategy, and allows for clear expectations of the superintendent, central office and building level staff.

Student Achievement

  • Measurable gains/growth as measured by national and state test scores
  • Quality teaching and leadership
  • Keep track of students through system

Stakeholder Involvement

  • Utilize community in decision making
  • Utilize resources and create sustainable partnerships
  • Board member responsibility to communicate with community and local/state officials


  • Annual performance assessment of Superintendent/Service Providers/Board to include an independent evaluation
  • Follow board policy
  • Responsible fiscal stewardship to include SPLOST management