About Brumby Elementary

Brumby Elementary is named after the successful Marietta business man Mr. Otis Brumby. Brumby Elementary is located in Marietta, Georgia and serves a population of 1020 regular and special needs children, pre-K through fifth grade. Brumby has over 90 full and part-time certified faculty members, which includes teachers, administrators, media specialists and counselors. Approximately 64% of the staff has a master's degree or higher and 71% are certified in technology. In addition Brumby provides a teacher induction program to all teachers with 3 years experience or less that are new to Cobb County.

In the area of community outreach, Brumby currently works cooperatively with 10 local businesses and service agencies to plan and provide services for our students, families and teachers. Community and parent involvement have been enhanced through the BEAR program (Brumby Elementary Achieving in Reading), and RISE (Reading is Succeeding Every day) Program.  Additionally, Brumby also partners with Everybody Wins! Atlanta; an organization who provides community volunteers to students to help improve reading skills and develop a love of reading, which gives the students a greater chance for success in school and life.

Brumby's active PTA enjoys a warm and positive relationship with the school and community hosting such functions as Family Night, Fall Festival, Field Day, and Skate Night to name a few!

Our partners in Education have instituted a new After School program focusing on increasing academics.  The emphasis is on academic clubs such as mathematics, chess, cooking, and science.