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2019-2020 Service Projects

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STUDENT COUNCIL (n) - a group of officers, classroom representatives, committees, and an advisor who work together to promote school spirit, make important team decisions as part of student government, and provide special events and projects for the school community.


Purpose of the Bullard Elementary School Student Council:


•To give students a voice and formal setting to share ideas related to school improvement and decision making

•To allow students the opportunity to give back to the Bullard community and surrounding areas through participation in service projects

•To help students acquire and refine desirable leadership skills

•To promote positive attitudes in students that will foster pride and commitment to their school and surrounding community

•To maintain healthy and productive communication between school staff and the student body  


Meeting Dates

Meetings are held at 7:30 am on the first Wednesday each month in the STEM Lab.  All representatives should dress as school leaders on meeting days.  These meetings days will be known as “We Shine Wednesdays” and representatives shall dress accordingly.

If you ever have any questions, please call or e-mail your Student Council advisor:

Mrs. Stephanie Hicks   Stephanie1.Hicks@cobbk12.org  


Qualifications: A student who wishes to be a candidate for the Student Council shall:

·       Must be responsible, a good team player, creative thinker, hard worker and good listener.

·       Must display outstanding behavior and social skills at all times, having no less than a "satisfactory" in behavior on last year's report card.

·       Maintain a “C” average or above throughout the school year

·       Must be a model student of character, respectful to adults and peers at all times.

·       Able to attend all Student Council Meetings held in the computer lab starting promptly at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. (notify an advisor if unable to attend)

·       Permitted by parents to be photographed or videotaped for educational purposes in newspapers and/or webpages as part of Student Council.

·       Permitted by parents to join an email list to receive urgent Student Council news or reminders from the advisor.

·       A permission slip signed by a parent and approved by a current teacher confirming the student meets the criteria must be submitted in order to be a candidate.  

 CCSD policy states:  Participation in interscholastic/extracurricular activities in Cobb County School District schools is a privilege. Students participating in these activities are considered to be school leaders and role models who represent their school and more importantly, depict its character. With leadership comes additional responsibility and student participants must adhere to high standards of conduct. 



·       Attend and participate in Student Council meetings, providing ideas and contributing to decision-making. Note: students must arrive to the meeting by 7:30 am prepared to get started at exactly 7:30 am. They must also attend any events or meetings held during other times of the day.  Three unexcused absences from a meeting will dismiss them from Student Council (excludes approved school absences).

·       Participate in all Council-hosted projects and events, including Spirit Days. Participation in fundraisers is encouraged, however it is not required.

·       Dress for success on “We Shine Wednesdays”, Student Council Meeting Dates.

·       Gather ideas and comments from classmates to share at Council Meetings, and report back to classmates on all Council Meetings.

·       Be a role model for citizenship and character, a cooperative peer and hard-working student of Bullard, abiding at all times by the Student Council Pledge.


Students not meeting these guidelines may be considered on a case by case basis.