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If you have ANY transportation changes for your child, please download and fill out a transportation change!

Bus Stop Notice from the Department of Transportation:

In our efforts to transport students in a safe and timely manner, it has become necessary that we ask again for your assistance with making sure the students are at the bus 5 MINUTES PRIOR to the scheduled time. Many students are being picked-up in the dark and this makes it difficult for the driver to see the students coming up from behind or beside the bus. Should the student miss the bus, for safety reason please try to get them to another stop prior to the bus arriving or carry them to the school. DO NOT follow the bus and allow the student to advance toward the bus unassisted. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

If you park in a fire lane (a curb that is painted red) you will risk being ticketed.

On March 13, 2012, the Cobb County Fire Lane Ordinance was amended to include a provision for student pick-up at schools. The ordinance now allows a vehicle to be located in a fire lane for 30 minutes prior to the afternoon school end time and 30 minutes after the school end time, as long as a driver is behind the wheel. Cobb County school end times are available on the Cobb County School District website. The ordinance applies to private schools as well. Stopping or parking a vehicle in a fire lane at any other time is prohibited, unless passengers are actively loading or unloading. Enforcement of this new provision will begin on April 9, 2012. Fire lanes can be identified by “No Parking Fire Lane” signage and/or curbing that is red in color. Fire lane violations currently result in a fine of $135.00.