Campbell High School

Dr. Jeanne Walker, Principal

Nathan Autry, AP | Joshua Ford, AP | Valencia Grayson, AP | Dr. Jeff Hutson, AP/AD
Stacey Swader, AP | Jessica Tibbetts, AP | Lisa Williams, AP | Kristin Willis, AP | Lisha Wood, AP                          Dan Penick, AP/IB Magnet Coordinator

5265 Ward Street
Smyrna, GA 30080
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Advanced Placement Program

Campbell High School AP Learner Profile

What I am: Who I am:
Curious: I ask question and listen because it is the most effective way to learn. Leader: I seek to be part of the solution and not just an echo of the problem.
Consistent: I understand that success is the result of practice and putting forth my greatest effort every day. Risk-taker: I pursue new and challenging opportunities because temporary discomfort often produces long-term growth.
Principled: I do what is right, regardless of whether anyone is there to see it. Advocate: I have a voice and I use it to speak up for myself and for those that may not.
Empowered: I take ownership of my own learning and understand that the effort I give determines what I get in return.  
Caring: I recognize that communal success is valuable as well as individual success.  
Reflective: I examine myself and my work honestly and use my findings to adapt and to improve.  

AP Courses at Campbell High School

Course Instructor(s)
AP English Language  
AP English Literature  
AP Statistics  
AP Calculus  
AP Biology  
AP Chemistry  
AP Physics  
AP Environmental Science  
AP Computer Science  
AP Human Geography  
AP World History  
AP US History  
AP US Government  
AP Psychology  
AP European History  
AP Comparative Government  
AP Spanish Language  
AP Spanish Literature  
AP French Language  
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design  
AP Studio Art: 3-D Design  
AP Studio Art: Drawing  
AP Music Theory