Campbell High School

Dr. Jeanne Walker, Principal

Nathan Autry, AP | Joshua Ford, AP | Valencia Grayson, AP | Dr. Jeff Hutson, AP/AD
Stacey Swader, AP | Jessica Tibbetts, AP | Lisa Williams, AP | Kristin Willis, AP | Lisha Wood, AP                          Dan Penick, AP/IB Magnet Coordinator

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English Department

All students are required to take English/Language Arts courses at Campbell High School either Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or sometimes both semesters. All ELA Courses have required reading in advance of the first day of class. Students are expected to read the assigned books and come prepared to complete assignments the first week of class. See the attached list of books by course name and the directions. We look forward to seeing you in class.

Tutoring Schedule

English Faculty

Name Position Extra-Curricular Email Blog
Marisa Braxton Teacher Email Blog
Kimberly Bundschu Teacher Email Blog
Cassandra Castillo Teacher Email Blog
Sarah Falso-Block Teacher Email Blog
Lorraine Cook Teacher Email Blog
Tracy Efaw Teacher   Email  
Larisa Foster Teacher Email Blog
Whitney Gordon Teacher Email  
Linda Henninger Teacher Email  
Mara Johnson Teacher Email Blog
Max Jones Teacher Email Blog
Crystal Kidd Teacher Habitat for Humanity Email Blog
Heather Lynch Teacher Email  
Carolyn McCully Teacher Email Blog
Jeffery O'Neal Teacher Email Blog
Lisa Schiappa Teacher Email  
Janine Searcy Teacher Email  
Andrew Smith Teacher/Dept Chair Email  
Rachael Stewart Teacher Email Blog
Anthony Westcott Teacher Email