A College Preparatory Program at Campbell Middle School

AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, prepares high-potential students to complete a challenging high school curriculum and go on to four years of college. The AVID elective class is designed to increase students’ achievement, develop skills in writing for learning, achieve success in honors classes, and become an effective learner in groups. As an AVID student, learners hone their study skills, develop organizational skills, learn to set realistic goals, and manage time, all connected to academic studies.

AVID Objectives

  • Prepare for eligibility to four-year colleges and universities
  • Develop a college plan
  • Improve study strategies and time management techniques

AVID Activities

  • Learn with trained college tutors
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Manage grades
  • Write to learn for all classes
  • Develop success strategies
  • Visit college campuses
  • Plan for a professional career

“AVID has done many things for me, such as getting me organized and pulling up my grades. AVID also has helped me decide what path I want to take for a brighter future. If it wasn’t for AVID, I most likely would not be pushing myself to my fullest potential. I would also not be taking rigorous courses. I’m thankful for having AVID and hope that it continues to help me in following my dreams”

Marina Longfellow, AVID student and future veterinarian

For more information please contact Vijay Koilpillai at vijay.koilpillai@cobbk12.org or 678-842-6873

AVID Site Team Members:

Vijay Koilpillai, Maxine Paul, Ann Marie Dubick, Rita Cearfoss, Jenelle Kerr, Althea Allison, Cinde Santner, Michael Clayton, Christian Wood, David Jerard, Deena Townsend, Meta Rome, Andrew Kutscher, Shawnte Scott-Tompkins, Kristie Bryan