Campbell Middle School   

        An International Baccalaureate School

Jonathan Tanner, Principal

Mitchell Askew, AP | Erik Thompson, AP | Shayna Carley, AP | Dean Yoder, AP | Suzanne Kalember, SSA

3295 South Atlanta Road
Smyrna, GA 30080
Phone: 678-842-6873
Fax: 678-842-6875

Campbell Middle School Faculty and Staff

Jonathan Tanner Principal Email Blog
Mitchell Askew Assistant Principal Email Blog
Erik Thompson Assistant Principal Email Blog
Shayna Carley Assistant Principal Email Blog
Dean Yoder Assistant Principal Email Blog
Suzanne Kalember Student Support Admin (Special Education) Email Blog


Front Office
Sherry Bell Secretary Email
Marleny Mendez F.O. Clerk Email
Caromill Ortiz PPC Email
Kierra Stamps F.O. Clerk Email
Luz Thompson Parent Liasion Email
Lashieka Govan Bookkeeper Email


Team 6-1
Monica Farzad Humanities Email Blog
Tiffani Robinson Math Email Blog
Candace Ellis Science Email Blog
Courtney West Language Arts Email Blog
Kellie Pouncey Reading Email Blog
Team 6-2
Phillip Lafferty Humanities Email Blog
Teresa Hedlund Math Email Blog
Tanika Parrish Language Arts Email Blog
Barry Floyd Science Email Blog
Derika Hannibal Reading Email Blog
Team 6-3
Addison Daniel Humanities Email Blog
Barbara McClure Reading Email Blog
Ronnie Puckett Science Email Blog
J. Jean-Jacques Language Arts Email Blog
Carolyn Sullivan Math Email Blog
6th Grade Support Team
Venus Corbin-May Science/COT Email Blog
Chaundra Parker Humanities/ COT Email Blog
Blake McIntire ESOL Email Blog
Kerrie Porter Math/SG-COT Email Blog
Annette Foreman ELA/Reading SG Email Blog
Alexis Davis Reading/COT Email Blog
Pamela Craft Science/Humanities Email Blog


Team 7-1
Stephanie Vasquez ELA Email Blog
Thomas Urban Math Email Blog
Erwin Fields Humanities Email Blog
Molly Groebner Science Email Blog
Martin Johansen Reading Email Blog
Team 7-2
Angela Stewart ELA Email Blog
Julian Hutchinson Reading Email Blog
Jordan Hazard Humanities Email Blog
Willard Hunt Math Email Blog
William Vreeland Science Email Blog
Team 7-3
Pearl Thompson Language Arts Email Blog
Karen Weinmann Reading Email Blog
Nancy Allen Science Email Blog
Amelia Tillman Humanities Email Blog
Donna Henry Math Email Blog
7th Grade Support Team
April Staropoli ESOL/ IEL Email Blog 
Diana Cassaro ESOL Email Blog
Brenda Garrett Language Arts/Thompson Email Blog
Latasha Jackson Science/ COT Email Blog
Britton Proctor Math/SG-COT Email Blog
Maurice Woodard Humanties/COT Email Blog
Jennifer Allen ELA/ Read-COT Email Blog


Team 8-1
Ann Dubick Science Email Blog
Gilbert Aitken Math Email Blog
Pamela Dycus Language Arts Email Blog
Derrick Brown Humanities Email Blog
Donyalla Manns Reading Email Blog
Team 8-2
Carloline Harris Language Arts Email Blog
Darrell Donaldson Science Email Blog
Gerald Krebs Humanities Email Blog
Chinette Johnson Math Email Blog
Gail Samuels Reading Email Blog
Team 8-3
Lindsay Taylor Humanities Email Blog
Alesha Hales Science Email Blog
Maria Ngong Reading Email Blog
Matthew Cruea Language Arts Email Blog
Jewelisa Blanks Math Email Blog
8th Grade Support Team
Monique Cable ESOL Email Blog
Kim Shovah ELA/ Reading-COT Email Blog
Stephanie Burress Math- SG/ COT Email Blog
Kimberly Walker ELA/ SG Email Blog
Charles Stapp Hum/Sci - COT Email Blog


Foreign Language/English as Second Language
Carolina Campos Spanish Connections Email Blog
Daniela Hinds Spanish Connections Email Blog
Daphne Hrib French Connections Email Blog
Susan Fernie French Connections Email Blog


Monica Sicka Physical Education/Health Email Blog
Ben Wilkerson Physical Education/Health Email Blog


Connections Music
Richard Selby Band Email Blog
Kimberly Piper Orchestra Email Blog
Brittani Clark Music/Chorus Email Blog


Connections Art & Techology
Emily Ledford Art Email Blog
Beth Moore-Williams Technology Email Blog
Michael Glenn STEM Email Blog


Academic Supoort
Curt Wilbanks Math Connections Email Blog
Genesia Emery Math Connections Email Blog
Jamie Moyer Math Connections Email Blog


Professional School Counselors
Cinde Valencia 6th Grade Email Blog
Alexandra Gorrell 8th Grade Email Blog
Erica Lester 7th Grade Email Blog
Diane Pudelski Guidance Clerk Email Blog


Media Center
Ingrid Hanson Media Specialist Email Blog


Support Staff
Ida Brown Social Worker Email Blog
Charlene Garrette Technology Services Email Blog
Susan Isakson School Psychologist Email Blog
Rosalynn Davis Nurse Email Blog
Luz Thompson Parent Facilitator Email Blog


Support Services (Discipline)
Officer Christine Cronin Campus Resource Officer Email Blog
Ensign Underwood ISS Email Blog


Support Services (Academic)
Amanda Childress Academic Coach Email Blog
Erin Thaler Academic Coach Email Blog
Theresa Benfante Academic Coach Email Blog
Brooke Sams Speech and Language Pathologist Email Blog
Anita Hogan Speech and Language Pathologist Email Blog


Special Education
Marcia Powell MOID Email Blog
Shayla Collins MID Email Blog
Christy Peek MID Email Blog


Kendall Jacobs MOID Paraprofessional Email Blog
Brenda Sellers MID Paraprofessional Email Blog
Royce Tribue IRR Paraprofessional Email Blog
Terry Jerden MID Paraprofessional Email Blog
Kesha Mclaurin MID Paraprofessional Email Blog
Rowana Ray MOID Paraprofessional Email Blog
Sarah Faries Paraprofessional Email Blog


Food Services
Donna Childers Cafeteria Manager Email
Karen Barkley Cafeteria Staff Email
Maya Gibbs Cafeteria Staff Email
Joan Whitaker Cafeteria Staff Email
S. Huddleston Cafeteria Staff Email
Kay Linder Cafeteria Staff Email
Kehinde Dosomah Cafeteria Staff Email
Dovie O'Shields Cafeteria Staff Email
Gayonne Mclaurin Cafeteria Staff Email
Latisha Parker Cafeteria Staff Email
Christina Howell Cafeteria Staff Email
Tammie Gonzalez Cafeteria Staff Email
Jasmine Martin Cafeteria Staff Email


Custodial Staff
Radee Shakir Day Head ll Email
Chris Monroe Night Head 1 Email
Calvin Manuel Custodial Staff Day Email
Debra Ford Custodial Staff Email
Wanda Bowen Custodial Staff Email
Maria Oliveras Custodial Staff Email
Sean Troyer Custodial staff Email