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Important Transportation Info

8:45 AM - 4:45 PM

  1. It is highly recommended that students arrive early (before 8:50 AM) only if they have a specific reason (appointment with teacher, intramurals, etc.).
  2. No student should be dropped off before 8:15 AM; there is no supervision available prior to this time and the front doors remain locked until 8:15 AM each morning. Students who arrive early will report to our cafeteria and sign in for silent study hall.
  3. Students should be in homeroom when the bell rings each morning at 9:10 AM to avoid being marked tardy.   
  4. All car-riders should be off campus by 4:30 PM each afternoon.
  5. Please send a note in with your student if an early check-out is required or you are making any transportation changes for the day other than your normal arrangements.
  6. Early dismissals are accepted until 3:45 PM. If you arrive to check out your student AFTER 3:45 PM, please accept our apologies but we will not be able to call into classrooms. Students will be dismissed at the normal 4:15 PM dismissal time.
  7. All last-minute transportation changes must be completed by 3:45 PM to ensure we have adequate time to communicate this with your student. For safety reasons, no transportation changes will be announced at the end of the day.



The PBIS Rewards App is a way for you to monitor your student’s behavior, both positive behaviors and areas for improvement. Students earn PBIS Points for being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe and receive minor infractions for behaviors such as Out of Area, Inappropriate Language, Noismaking, and Horseplay. This is an excellent way to track your student’s behavior in the classroom and a way for us to work as a team if there are behavior concerns. 

If you need any help using the PBIS App, please contact our PBIS Coach, Alexandra Gorrell, at alexandra.gorrell@cobbk12.org



Ask them, "what are in JUULs?"  In addition to nicotine, which is derived from tobacco, the Surgeon General reports that there are many harmful elements in e-cigarettes. The aerosol can contain heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and cancer causing agents like acrolein. In addition, e-cigarettes can be used to deliver illicit substances like marijuana.  


Hidden Dangers Handout

Hidden Dangers Handout Spanish