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Accountability, Research & Grants

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Dr. Ehsan Kattoula
Director of Accountability & Research

Natalie Feller
P: 770-420-4918

Dr. Hilda Wilkins
Administrator on Special Assignment for Accreditation and Strategic Planning
P: 770-426-3304


To provide direction and support to stakeholders with data and other resources to improve student learning. Furthermore, we provide services to support the district’s vision, mission, and goals outlined in the system’s strategic plan. The work is carried out by two departments.

For Assessment Data Information, visit
CCSD Comprehensive Accountability Data

Wanda Becker
Assessment Data Manager
770-514-3844 | Email
Stephen Matta
Research Analyst
770-426-3558 | Email
Cindy Sampson
Assessment Data Manager
770-426-3374 | Email

Grants & Research

The Grants Office actively seeks federal, state, corporate and private grants for the support of educating all of our children in the District. This effort is done with the support of the Leadership and along with the talented efforts of our teachers and school administrators. The Cobb County School District has been awarded many grants that provide innovative programs impacting all students.

The Research and Evaluation Department processes student, school, and district achievement, assessment, demographic, and other data. Results are analyzed and reported to parents, the public, schools, district administrators, the Board of Education, and public agencies. Research also works with Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning.

Jennifer H. Allen, MPA
Grants Manager
770-426-3450 | Email
Jennifer H. Allen, MPA
Research Manager
770-426-3450 | Email

State & Student Reporting

The State and Student Reporting Department supports the data needs of the Cobb County School District Board of Education, the Superintendent, the Executive Leadership Team, parents, schools, and external agencies/organizations so that students educational needs may be addressed.

Josh Martin
State Reporting Coordinator
770-420-4961 | Email
Cindy Barker
Student Reporting Specialist
770-426-3347 | Email
Pam Brown
Student Reporting Specialist
770-426-3356 | Email
Sherri Griffith
Student Reporting Specialist
770-426-3554 | Email
Chris Metcalfe
Student Reporting Specialist
770-429-5883 | Email
Carole Wolf
Student Reporting Specialist
770-420-4955 | Email