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Georgia Grown

About the Program:
Cobb County School District’s Food and Nutrition Department works with our produce vendor to bring Georgia grown fruits and vegetables to the students of Cobb County.  Cobb schools highlight Georgia Grown and locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables in their cafeterias.   The District serves fresh fruits and vegetables daily that are from farms in Georgia and the bordering states.  While fresh fruits and vegetables are available each day in the cafeterias, the Food and Nutrition Department is excited about the opportunity to highlight Georgia and locally grown products and their nutritional benefits.  The farm-to-school focus not only highlights the produce but also the farm of origin.  This program  continues to support the department’s vision of "Linking Nutrition to Life Long Learning." 

Click here to view recipes using Georgia Grown and locally grown products.
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August Georgia Grown Items:

Fruit Characters Image-1"

Our cucumbers for August are coming from Southern Valley in Norman Park, Georgia.
“Southern Valley” to the farmer’s bio

Our peaches for August are coming from Fitzgerald Fruit Farms in Woodbury, Georgia.
“Fitzgerald Fruit Farms” to the farmer’s bio

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Stop by your local school and enjoy some fresh Cucumber Dippers, a side of Sweet Cucumber Salad or some fresh homegrown Peaches.

Coming Soon....

September Georgia Grown Item:

Our watermelons for September are coming from Ham Produce Company in Snow Hill, NC.
“Ham Produce Company” to the farmer’s bio

Stop by your local school and enjoy a little piece of summer with some fresh cut watermelon.