One Team, One Goal: Student Success!

Food and Nutrition Services Department

Emily Hanlin
Executive Director

"Linking Nutrition to Lifelong Learning"

The Cobb County School District, Department of Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) is a trailblazer for school food service programs throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

“Showcasing the “Super-Awesome” job of our FNS staff for School Lunch Hero Day! Some heroes wear aprons.“

“Jessica Cox at Kemp Elementary is “hanging in there” with her staff and students. 15 days left until the summer!“

“The school days are heating up! Eastvalley Elementary School is showing the fire, with 21 days left in the school year.“

“That’s BANANAS! 25 more days until summer! Donna Childs-Milford at Mt. Bethel Elementary is counting down the days with the students until summer break.“

“Choo-choo-choosing to eat healthy and getting the students excited with the Veggie Train. Another creation by Lyn Kennard at Pitner Elementary, with Lucien Gooden.“

“Will Snead, Wellness Assistant Director talks about the National School Breakfast Program during School Breakfast Week.“

“Stephanie Keys and her team at Chalker Elementary is celebrating March Madness. It’s Fruit and Veggie Madness! We must carrot on“

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Beginning of year flyer
Beginning of year flyer
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