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Manager-In-Training Program

Learn to be a Food Service Manager Through Our Manager-in-Training Program

MIT Class 2013 MIT Class 2014

MIT Class 2015

The program includes: classroom instruction and hands-on training in our schools.

Minimum Requirements for Manager-In-Training (M.I.T.) Candidates:

Must have at least a High School Diploma (or GED).
Two years (or more) of prior food service and/or management experience preferred.

Application Process:

  1. All applicants must complete the Cobb County Classified Employment Appplication from the Human Resources (HR) section of the web page, indicating that they are applying for the current Food Services Manager-In-Training (MIT) position.
  2. If the candidate applied previously, or is a current Cobb County School District (CCSD) employee, they need to update their application with the current job vacancy number for MIT.
  3. Applicants should include all current and previous food service and management experience in the Work Experience section of their application.
  4. Candidates must include an email address for each of their references (including their current or most recent supervisor), and should be cleared by HR before they take the MIT entrance Exam.

Entrance Exam:

  1. Cleared MIT applicants will be contacted by the FNS Office secretary (by email) to schedule the date and time to take the MIT entrance exam.
  2. Candidates must score 80% (or higher) to pass the Entrance Exam.


  1. All MIT candidates must pass the exam to be eligible for an interview. However, there is no guarantee that everyone with a passing exam score will be interviewed.
  2. If the number of people who pass the exam is a significantly high number, FNS may choose to select those with the highest exam scores and the best qualifications to be interviewed.