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Paying For Meals

Free and Reduced Meal Benefits

The application for Free and Reduced meals is available online. If you should choose to apply, please follow the on-screen instructions (link below). Paper applications will be available upon request at the school. Only one application is needed per household. If you choose to complete an online application, please keep the confirmation number for your records. The online application is available at in both English and Spanish.

Pre-Pay for meals through My Payments Plus

You can prepay for meals with a major credit card by telephone
(1-866-535-1707), or through the internet at .

To set up a MyPaymentsPlus account, you will need each child’s CCSD Student ID number. The student ID can be obtained by contacting your child’s local school.

Registering online with MyPaymentsPlus allows you to view your student’s account balances, purchase history, and payment history online, and even be notified by email when account balances fall below a designated amount. You do not have to make prepayments to use these features.

Please note that a 4.75% program fee applies to each payment made through The Cobb County School District does not receive any portion of these fees. All program fees go directly to to cover the costs associated with providing the service (website hosting, technical support, credit card processing, and other related bank fees).

Other Payment Information

For a list of weekly, monthly and semester payment amounts, click here.


You may pay into an account for your student with cash or check sent to the school. If paying with cash at elementary school, put it in a sealed envelope with your student’s first and last name and "Meal Payment" on it. Also, please write the teacher's name and grade on the outside of the envelope.


Make check payable to: School Name Cafe(ie Acworth Cafe). When paying by check, write your student's (first and last) name on the check. If you know your student's Cobb County ID number, put it on the check, too. Use a separate check for each child to ensure that the correct amount of money is applied to each child's account.

Please make sure your child has money for their meals every day. If you need to know how much money is on your child’s account, you may call or email the school’s Café Manager. The cashier can also tell your student the account balance.

Charge Policy

Cobb County school administration has adopted a limited charge policy. If a student arrives at school without money, they are allowed up to $7.05 in charges at elementary school and $5.20 at middle school. Charges are not allowed for a la carte, adults, or at high school.

For elementary and middle school only, if your child arrives at school without money for lunch and has reached the charge limit, he/she will be provided an alternate meal (such as a peanut butter sandwich and milk, or a cheese sandwich and milk). No alternate meal will be provided for breakfast. To prevent your child from having to receive an alternate meal, please ensure that you send money for your student's meals each day, or prepay for the meals in advance.


If you have a student leaving the Cobb County School District, any remaining funds in their meal account can be transferred to another sibling in the district, refunded, or donated (you may donate the balance to a student in need). To request a refund, funds transfer, or make a donation please contact the cafeteria manager at your student’s school or call the Food and Nutrition Services central office at 770-426-3380 for assistance.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) and Chargebacks

It is the policy of Cobb County School District (CCSD) Food and Nutrition Services that two instances of either:

1. A check payment returned for non-sufficient funds, stop payment, or closed account

2. A disputed MyPaymentsPlus online payment (chargeback)

will result in permanent suspension of Check and/or Online Payment privileges for the duration of your child/children’s attendance in the Cobb County School District. This revocation of payment privileges will extend to all members in the household.