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Student Allergies & Special Nutrition Needs

The cafeteria manager and staff are available to partner with you to help keep your child safe, along with support from the central office staff. We all have the same goal – to ensure that the food served in the cafeteria is nutritious and safe for all of our students. If your child has special food and nutrition needs, notify your local school nurse to begin the process of developing an Individualized Health Care Plan that is specific to his or her needs.

Food Modifications

For children who require changes to the basic meal (such as special supplements or substitutions) or require modifications in texture (such as chopped, ground or puréed foods), a licensed physician’s written instructions indicating the appropriate changes is required.

Information and form for students with special dietary needs:

Information about Required Physician's Order

Medical Evaluation Form JGC-8

Additional information on School Health Services is available at:

Student Allergies

We provide our parents with the information about our school menu products. The allergen information provided is based on our current information from manufacturers and the USDA database.

Products served throughout the school year may change based on the availability of commodity and purchased products. Unforeseen circumstances may result in products becoming unavailable or requiring product substitution. The allergen list is updated as new information becomes available.

Please be aware that the formulation of products by manufacturers may change at any time and no notice is given to their customers.

Allergens by Recipe

Links to additional information about food allergies:

American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology

American Academy of Pediatrics

Taco Salad + Turkey Sub