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Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers

What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2013?

  1. Office 365 is the online account provided by Microsoft and includes the online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote in addition to OneDrive, a cloud based storage for files.
  2. Office 2013 is the computer version of Microsoft Office that students can download for free. In order to download Office 2013 to student computers or devices, the Office 365 account must be accessed via the web.
  3. Please note, in order to use the online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and OneDrive, a user does NOT have to download Office to the home computer.
  4. If a user decides to download the Office 2013 suite to home computers, please see below for important information:
  • It is recommended that previous versions of Office (Office 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.) be uninstalled prior to downloading.
  • Users are licensed to use this copy of Office 2013 for as long as the student is enrolled in a CCSD school.
  • Not all Operating Systems will work with Office 2013.

How can I, as a teacher, know which option parents have selected for Office 365?

Teachers can run a report in CSIS to let them know each of their students’ Office 365 Parental Consent status. Click Here for directions for how to run a Parental Consent report.  (Note:  Only Teachers are able to run a Parental Consent Report.  Support personnel will not have access to this report and therefore unable to create the report.)

How do parents get Office 365 for their child? Or parents did not receive the email for Office 365.

Parental Consent information was sent via email to parents beginning in March 2015. The email was sent to the email address listed as “Head of Household” in CSIS. If a parent has not received the email, someone with CSIS access in the local school can verify that the email address on file in CSIS is accurate. Note: Office 365 Parental Consent emails were originally sent March 4, 2015 and continue to be sent every 30 days to the Head of Household email address on file in CSIS if the parent has not selected an option. (See below if a parent wants to change his/her option.)

Click here to view video directions on getting your child signed up for Office 365.

What is my student’s username and/or password?

The child’s username is sent to the parent via email if the parent selects either Option 1 or Option 2.

  1. Username
    (If a student has the same name as another student in the district, each student will have a 3 digit number appended to their last name, i.e.,

  2. Passwords
    Passwords for Office 365 are the same as the CCSD Network login. The password that the student uses to log into a school computer is the password for the student to log into Office 365. Media Specialists and/or Lab Managers have the ability to view Office 365 login usernames for students and change student passwords if necessary.

I am having trouble downloading the Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote).

Downloading the Microsoft Office Suite is not required in order to use Office 365; however, if a parent would like to download the Office Suite, please send the following to the parent. Please note, the Cobb County School District does NOT support non-CCSD computing devices. Parents should contact Microsoft directly for technical support. Click Here to access directions for downloading Office to personally owned (non CCSD) devices.
In addition, you may wish to check Operating System compatibility.

What if parents want to change their child’s access to Office 365? For example, parent originally selected Option 3 and now wants to change to Option 1.

Parents can change their selection at any time. They can either go back to the original email sent, if they still have it, and simply select a different option and submit. If the parent no longer has the email, the CSIS manager at the local school can resend the email.

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