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Windows 10 Teacher Laptop Reimage Checklist

To ensure a smooth update to the newest Windows 10 image, please refer to the support information below to assist you with each phase of the teacher laptop reimage. Click here for Training Opportunities.

Before Reimage

  • Back up your documents and folders instructions found here.
  • Back up your documents and folders to Office 365 instructions found here.
  • Make a note of any software that was manually installed and any associated license keys. Your local field tech will be working with you to collect this information for a quicker restoration of your laptop.
  • For users who have the software SMART Notebook Learning Suite (version 16) it is VITAL the activation key is deactivated.
  • Make a note of your installed printers. This will help you identify which printers to install on your laptop. Click these instructions for how to locate installed printers.
  • Remove any flash drives, CDs, SD cards and wireless mouse recievers in the laptop.

During Reimage

Please Select ONE of the three methods below for reimaging your laptop

  • Method One: Self Service Laptop reimaging - click here for step-by-step directions.
    • To view the video directions for Step-by-Step directions, click here.
    • Please allot two - three hours for the complete reimage and the re-installion of software.
    • During reinstallation, laptop should remain logged off, powered on, and hardwired.
  • Method Two:Manual reimage completed by local school Field Tech, prior to summer break..
    • Bring your laptop and power supply to the designated area..
    • You will be asked to log into the new laptop before taking it home..
  • Method Three::Manual reimage completed by local School Field Tech on an assigned summer date..

After Reimage

Click here for Windows 10 resources          Click here for SMART Learning Suite resources

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