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Chemistry Version: CPS05-06

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Unit Name: Chemistry Unit 1: FINDING ORDER: Atomic Structure, Energy, Moles

Essential Question

What is chemistry? How is chemistry different than biology or physics? What are physical& chemical properties and how do chemists use them to identify substances? How do chemists use the scientific method to solve problems? How do metals and nonmetals interact with each other to form chemical compounds? Is everything matter? Two thousand years ago, Democritus said, there are atoms and there is void, everything else is opinion. Was he correct? How do chemists classify things? How do they name things systematically?

Topic 1

The Science of Matter  

  • Differences between matter & energy
  • Recognizing chemical activity
  • How chemists study matter
  • Observation lab
  • Topic 1 Vocabulary

    • chemical properties
    • physical properties
    • laboratory protocols
    • chemical laboratory safety
    • density

    Topic 1 Standards and Elements

    SC1 Nature of Matter

    Topic 2

    Changes in Matter

  • Order in Change
  • Classification of Matter
  • Classification of Energy
  • Topic 2 Vocabulary

    • chemical systems
    • energy systems
    • physical systems

    Topic 2 Standards and Elements

    SC4 Periodic Table

    Topic 3

    Atomic Size

  • Atomic Theory
  • The Structure of the Atom
  • The Chemistry of the Atom
  • The Mole
  • Topic 3 Vocabulary

    • proton
    • neutron
    • electron
    • subatomic particles
    • mole
    • Avogadro

    Topic 3 Standards and Elements


    Topic 4

    Introduction to the Periodic Table

  • Organizing Chemical Order
  • Brief history of the Periodic Table
  • Periodicity
  • Chemical Families
  • Topic 4 Vocabulary

    • noble gases
    • halides (halogens)
    • families
    • alkali metals
    • alkaline earth metals
    • rare earths
    • metals
    • non-metals
    • metaloids

    Topic 4 Standards and Elements


    Unit Vocabulary


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