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Grade 8 Version: CPS07-08

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Unit Name: 01 - Georgia's Beginnings (3 Weeks)

Essential Question

This unit will focus on the relationship between natural forces and features and human activities.

Enduring Understanding

Particular physical and cultural features and climate have affected the development of Georgia.

  • What are the significant geographic regions of Georgia and how have they impacted Georgia's growth and development?
  • How has climate played a role in Georgia's growth and development?
  • Each location in the world is unique in terms of global position and geographic features.

  • What is the relative location of Georgia in terms of hemisphere, continent, nation, region and global position?
  • How have Georgia's transportation systems (air, land, water) changed over time and affected human activity and economic opportunities?
  • Cultures change and develop over time as they are influenced by natural forces and encounter other cultures.

  • How did various developments in the culture of prehistoric indigenous Americans mark their evolution from the Paleo period through the Mississippian Period?
  • What impact did environment have on the development of the prehistoric indigenous American cultures?
  • Topic 1


  • Absolute and relative location of Georgia
  • Topic 1 Standards and Elements


    Topic 2

    Human/Environmental Ineraction

  • Georgia's geographic regions, features and climates
  • Topic 2 Standards and Elements


    Topic 3

    Civilization, Cultural Diffusion and Innovation

  • Development of prehistoric cultures
  • Topic 3 Standards and Elements


    Unit Vocabulary

    • Blue Ridge (mountains and region)
    • Fall Line
    • Okefenoke Swamp
    • Appalachian Plateau/mountains
    • Piedmont
    • Cooastal Plain
    • Savannah River
    • Chattahoochee River
    • Barrier Isands
    • Achaeoology
    • Artifact
    • Paleo
    • Archaic
    • Woodland
    • Mississippian

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