Unit Outlines Standards

Communication Skills 1 & 2 MS / HS Version: CPS 2009-2010

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Unit Name: 01 - Getting Started

Essential Question

  • How will learning English improve your understanding of the world in which you live?

    Focus Questions:
  • Who am I?
  • What is this?
  • What do I do?
  • How many is this?
  • Which one is it?
  • How do you spell . . . ?
  • What time is it?
  • What is the date?
  • What color is it?

    Enduring Understanding


  • Topic 1

  • Introductions and salutations
  • Classroom objects
  • Basic Commands
  • Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers (0-100)
  • The English Alphabet
  • Time and Dates
  • Colors
  • WIDA Proficiency Standards 2007

  • Standard 1: Social and Instructional Language: Formative Framework, Summative Framework
  • Standard 2: The language of Language Arts: Formative Framework, Summative Framework
  • Standard 3: The language of Mathematics: Formative Framework, Summative Framework
  • Standard 4: The language of Science: Formative Framework, Summative Framework
  • Standard 5: The language of Social Studies: Formative Framework, Summative Framework
  • Topic 1 Standards and Elements

    Unit Vocabulary

    • introductions
    • the classroom
    • basic commands
    • cardinal numbers (0-100)
    • ordinal numbers (0-100)
    • the alphabet
    • time
    • dates
    • colors
    • there is / there are
    • wh- questions
    • the verb "to be"
    • contractions
    • demonstrative adjectives

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    Assessment Description/Performance Task

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    Edit Unit Resources and Information

    Unit Resources include general, global resources that might include bookmarks, books, periodicals, media and software. URLs need to be provided for each resource to identify a source from which it can be obtained. Resources might include those purchased as part of an adoption. More specific resources will be referenced within the teaching procedures.

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    Edit Unit Vocabulary

    Enter critical vocabulary generally related to the Unit, but not part of a Topic. Each keyword must be either entered as a list (unordered list or ordered list button) or separated by a semicolon (;).

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