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  1. Abuse can be reported by e-mailing Facebook directly at There is also a link provided under the security page of Facebook. The security page link is: Scroll down to the security section and click on the link to report abuse.
  2. If someone is harassing/libeling you, Facebook gives the following recommendations:
    “We suggest that you block the person by listing his or her name in the "Blocking People" box at the bottom of the My Privacy page. If this does not resolve the problem, please write an email to from your login email address. We will need to know your name, login email address, and school. Also, please provide the name and school of the person who is harassing you along with a description of the situation.”
  3. Use the e-mail to report any other information that you think should not be posted.


  1. The guidelines for uploading appropriate videos are posted on Youtube’s community guidelines. Here is the link:
  2. Anyone can flag a video as inappropriate. If Youtube reviews the video and finds it to be inappropriate, the video is shut down. If they decide to terminate the user’s account the user is prohibited from ever having another account on Youtube.

How to check where they surfed

  • Check the history, if the history is blank then ask why they cleared it.
  • Check the Temporary internet files.
    • Click on tools/internet options/settings/view file.
    • This will give you a list of all of the graphics and cookies downloaded onto your computer.
    • Click on a couple and see if they are appropriate.

Run a Spyware blocking program

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