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School Bus Driver Safety and Training

The Cobb County School District Transportation department is involved with training school bus drivers on a daily basis. Initial and ongoing driver training is the responsiblity of the Training Department, under the direction of Sharon Hipps (left), Safety and Training Coordinator and Janice Boyer, Assistant Safety and Training Coordinator.

Initial School Bus Driver Training

After completing the interview process and before attending training, eligible candidates must successfully obtain a State of Georgia class B, CDL drivers permit with passenger (P) and school bus (S) endorsements. Driver candidates then complete a physical with TB testing and drug and alcohol screening, classroom instruction in county and state laws, student management, loading and unloading students, radio procedures, emergency and accident procedures, special education laws and overview, expressway driving and a review of the driver handbook.

The initial training program for school bus drivers shall consist of a minimum of twelve (12) hours of classroom, six (6) hours of driving time without students, and six (6) hours of driving time with students. This program is designed to provide minimum basic training for a person with driving experience.

Upon completion of the initial training, the driver is assigned to a supervised district and school routes. Drivers are required to pass an annual physical before being assigned a route before the start of each school year.

Ongoing School Bus Driver Training

Driver Training is continual. Topics in the past years included, but are not limited to:

  • Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Concealed weapons
  • Anger Management
  • Diversity Training
  • Strategic Training Systems Student Management
  • Cobb County Sheriff's Office, Hostage Training
  • Handbook Review
  • Bus Driving Scenarios
  • Operation Lifesaver
  • Specific Disabilities
  • Mirror Usage
  • Transportation Regulation Updates
  • Special Needs Transportation Legislation

Cobb County goes beyond State requirements and includes CPR and First Aid instruction with coventional drivers attending approximately two (2) hours of combination and hands-on instruction in Adult and Child CPR and Basic First Aid. Special Education Drivers and Monitors also receive approximately two (2) hours of Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and Basic First Aid. Certified and licensed personnel teach both classes. Retraining is required every two years.