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Mary Elizabeth Davis
Chief Academic Officer

Lynn McGreevy
Executive Secretary
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Academics Division

The Division of Academics is responsible for the foundation of teaching, learning, and student support services in Cobb County Schools. The foundational elements for Academics in Cobb County are built on clearly articulated teaching and learning standards, high quality instructional resources, effective and engaging instructional strategies, and an infrastructure that establishes the necessary foundation to be successful on State assessments.

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Teaching and Learning Standards

The content standards in each course and subject are aligned to State-adopted standards. Teachers in Cobb County classrooms consistently go above and beyond the State standards. For more information about what students learn in each grade level, click here.

Instructional Resources

The Board-adopted instructional resources in Cobb County are selected through a board-approved textbook adoption process. Additional resources to enhance the instruction are constantly added by local schools and individual teachers. For more information about Board-adopted resources, click here.

Instructional Strategies

In Cobb County, we believe that teachers are most essential in bringing the content standards to life. There has been a long-standing focus on effective cognitive instructional strategies that research indicates ensures lasting learning. Additionally, Cobb County is increasing our intentionality to enhance student engagement. To learn more about the 14 Learning Engagement strategies that guide improvement for engaging students in learning, click here.


Assessment is an important part of the teaching and learning process. Teachers administer a variety of classroom assessments in order to monitor student learning. Additionally, Cobb County administers all State-required assessments. To learn more about standardized and State assessments, click here.

Academic Departments

Teaching & Learning
Assistant Superintendent Teaching & Learning
Special Student Services
Dr. Carol Seay
Assistant Superintendent Special Student Services
Online Curriculum / T&L Communication
Jennifer Gates