Teaching and Learning in Cobb County: Eleventh Grade

In Cobb County, there is nothing more important than what our teachers teach and our children learn.

Instructional Resources

Instructional resources are provided to students and teachers to support teaching and learning. The titles listed below have been recommended to our Board by a committee of teachers, parents and community representatives and approved through the textbook adoption process (See Board Rule IFAA-R). Additional resources to enhance the instruction are constantly added by local schools and individual teachers.

Course/Content Area Resource Publisher
American Literature Prentice Hall Literature, The American Experience Pearson
Current Topics in Reading Edge Level A-C Hampton-Brown
Advanced Composition The Prentice Hall Reader Pearson
AP Language Patterns for College Writing Bedford, Freeman & Worth
AP Language Little Brown Handbook Pearson
AP Literature Little Brown Handbook Pearson
AP Literature Introduction to Literature Bedford, Freeman & Worth
Journalism/Newspaper I-IV Exploring Journalism and the Media Cengage
Multicultural Literature A Multicultural Reader: Collection Two Perfection Learning
Mythology Edith Hamilton’s Mythology Perfection Learning
Speech Projects in Speech Communication Perfection Learning
Advanced Algebra GA Advanced Algebra HMH
Math of Industry and Government Math of Industry and Government MLS & Associates
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making Advanced Mathematical Decision Making MLS & Associates
Calculus Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic Pearson
Pre-Calculus Glencoe Pre-Calculus Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
ACC Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry Kendall Hunt Publishing
Statistical Reasoning Statistics through Application Bedford, Freeman & Worth
AP Statistics The Practice of Statistics Bedford, Freeman & Worth
AP Calculus (Single Variable) AP Single Variable Calculus 7th Early Transcendental HMH
Multivariable Calculus AP Calculus 7th Early Transcendental (Multi) HMH
Astronomy Foundations of Astronomy Cengage
Astrophysics An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics Pearson-Addison Wesley
Advanced Scientific Research Practical Research: Planning and Design Pearson-Addison Wesley
Biology Georgia Glencoe Biology Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Biology II Biology Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Botany Plant Biology Thomson/Brooks/Cole
Chemical Engineering & Material Engineering Basic Principles & Calculations in Chemical Engineering Pearson-Prentice Hall
Chemistry II Chemistry - Principles & Reactions Thomson/Brooks/Cole
Earth Systems Earth Science: Geology, Environment & Universe Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Forensic Forensic Science: Fundamentals & Investigations Cengage
Genetics Human Genetics Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Advanced Genetics - DNA Concepts of Genetics Pearson
Geology Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology Peoples - Wiley & Sons
Human Anatomy & Physiology Benjamin Cummings - Human Anatomy & Physiology Pearson Ed
Meteorology The Atmosphere Pearson - Prentice Hall
Microbiology An Introduction, Microbiology Pearson Ed
Oceanography Life on an Ocean Planet Current Publishing
Physical Science Physical Science AGS - Pearson Publishing
Physics Physics: Principles & Problems Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Physics II Physics 7th edition Peoples - Wiley & Sons
Zoology Zoology Glencoe McGraw-Hill
AP Physics B Physics Pearson - Prentice Hall
AP Physics C Physics for Scientists & Engineers Bedford, Freeman & Worth
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet Peoples - Wiley & Sons
AP Biology Biology Pearson Prentice Hall
AP Chemistry Chemistry - The Central Science Pearson Prentice Hall
US History United States History Pearson Prentice Hall
AP US History America: A Narrative History   W.W. Norton (Peoples/Wiley/Norton)
Psychology Thinking About Psychology 1st Edition Bedford, Freeman & Worth
Sociology Holt Sociology: The Study of Human Relationships Holt, Rinehart & Winston
AP Comparative Gov't Countries & Concepts, 8e Pearson Longman
AP European History Civilizations in The West Pearson Longman
AP European History Sources of the West Volume 2 Pearson Longman
AP Government & Politics American Government - Continuity & Change Pearson Longman
AP Government & Politics Faultlines: Debating the Issues in American Politics W.W. Norton & Co (Peoples/Wiley/Norton)
AP Government & Politics The Lanahan Readings in The American Polity Lanahan Publishers
AP Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics Thomson-Southwestern
AP Microeconomics Economics 17th edition Glencoe McGraw-Hill
AP Psychology Psychology, 8th Edition Bedford, Freeman & Worth

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