Teaching and Learning in Cobb County: Seventh Grade

In Cobb County, there is nothing more important than what our teachers teach and our children learn.

Instructional Resources

Instructional resources are provided to students and teachers to support teaching and learning. The titles listed below have been recommended to our Board by a committee of teachers, parents and community representatives and approved through the textbook adoption process (See Board Rule IFAA-R). Additional resources to enhance the instruction are constantly added by local schools and individual teachers.

Course/Content Area Resource Publisher
English Language Arts McDougal Littell Literature McDougal Littell
English Language Arts Reader's Journey Pearson
English Language Arts Write Source (Teacher Resource) HMH
Mathematics Glencoe GA Math, Grade 7 Glencoe/McGraw - Hill
Mathematics Glencoe GA Math 7 Plus, Grade 7 Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
Science Holt Science & Technology
Life Science
Social Studies World Cultures and Geography McDougal Littell
Social Studies Georgia's Exploring Our World Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

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