H.A.V.E.N. Program
H.A.V.E.N. Program

Success Stories

A Notable Change

In the beginning, "I" had to be escorted into our building 95% of the time and carried back to his bus at least 80% of the time. Routine bathroom breaks were also quite a task since this too required an escort. I's non-compliance was coupled with various aggressive behaviors and our staff had to work very hard to help I develop appropriate self control strategies and peer relations. Although I still has much work to do, he no longer needs an escort on and off the bus and he takes at least two routine bathroom breaks a day on his own. I is now able to spend time with his peers without aggression. He eats in the cafeteria, goes to P.E. with the class and socializes much more appropriately with adults and fellow classmates.

Reaching Higher Levels of Functioning

"L" is a student who started in one of our High School Satellite programs. Initially, she presented several behaviors that made it difficult for her to have academic success in a regular education setting i.e; following directions, verbal/physical self control, remaining in assigned area and maintaining boundaries. Our team implemented positive behavior interventions and made regular contact with L's parents. L responded well to the attention and support offered by our small group setting and she responded positively to tangible reinforcers and positive praise. L's strengths include eagerness to please others, willingness to participate and her outgoing personality manifested even after her surgery and subsequent depression due to extensive modifications. L completed her academic curriculum, mastered her I.E.P. goals and after being assessed by Tommy Nobis Center, she was determined to be to "high-functioning" to participate in any of their programs. She graduated and now attends Warm Springs.

High School Graduate

The road to success for "H" began with his placement at H.A.V.E.N. Academy in August 2000. His behaviors included aggression, A typicality, and lack of social skills. In addition, H had problems remaining in his assigned area and with physical aggression. Due to the hard work of staff both in-center and at the Transition Center at South Cobb High School, H graduated in 2005 with a Career Tech Diploma.

A Happy Ending

"T" was referred to H.A.V.E.N. Academy when he was in 6th grade. His home school referred him to our program because of anger issues that resulted in verbal outbursts, physical aggression, and the inability to form positive relationships with his peers. Our staff worked with T and focused on developing his social skills and increasing his academic achievement. T's parents were receptive and supportive and our staff worked with them in order to assist with developing parenting skills and with helping T to develop his social skills in the home. In addition, social workers counseled T and helped him to identify and cope with issues that contributed to his anger and lack of impulse control. T's success continued throughout his tenure with our program and he eventually graduated from high school with the social skills and education necessary to secure gainful employment. T is now approaching his first year anniversary as a valuable employee of a local commercial heating and air conditioning company. He has never displayed an angry outburst on the job and he exhibits the ability to get along with his co-workers quite well. He has truly come a long way in his personal development and he continues to demonstrate personal and professional success, making him a asset to his community.

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