Special Education Parent Mentors
Special Education Parent Mentors

 Stacey Greene, Special Education Parent Mentor

Stacey Greene
Special Education Parent Mentor
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 Vacant Vacant, Special Education Parent Mentor

Vacant Vacant
Special Education Parent Mentor
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Located at:
Durham Middle School
2891 Mars Hill Road
Kennesaw, GA 30101

Parent Mentors

We are here to educate, advise and support families of students
with disabilities in the Cobb County School District.

Cobb’s Special Education Parent Mentors enhance communication between parents and educators, ultimately leading to greater success for students with disabilities. Their goal is to help parents understand their role in their children’s education and to provide guidance and resources to help them navigate the Special Education process.

As parents of special education students, the Parent Mentors will host four evening Parent Meetings along with monthly morning information sessions that focus on topics important to the families of Cobb’s students with disabilities. Please see the calendar below for program dates and visit this website for updates throughout the 2016-17 school year.

Special Education Parent Programs Calendar

NOTE: You can access the Printable Calendar Link
at left for an over view of the year's programs


Cobb’s Special Education Parent Mentors are part
of the broader Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership whose mission is:

“to build effective family and school partnerships that lead to greater achievement for students, especially those with disabilities.”

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