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The Competitive Advantage: Work-Based Learning

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Work-Based Learning (Structured Work Experience) is a planned program of work experiences coordinated through your high school’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator. All applications must be completed in its entirety before consideration/approval. An incomplete application will be discarded.

Your WBL experience may be a paid or non-paid experience. Ideally your work experience will be related to your future career objective. You can be dismissed from school to work in a career related job and earn school credit for your work. You will be required to complete a career portfolio that includes journal entries, submit work/wage information, regularly submit evaluation from the employer on agreed upon competencies in the Training Agreement. You may be in WBL for both your Junior and Senior year.

For one hour of release time you must work a minimum of 5 hours per week. For two hours of release time you must work minimum of 10 hours a week and for three hours of release time you must work 15 hours a week.



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