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The Competitive Advantage: Work-Based Learning

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Where will you be in five years? Ten years?

Working in an innovate field with lots of opportunities for advancement? Will you be developing both personally and professional in a dynamic career?

In today’s global job market, gaining the competitive advantage is critical. The world is a big place with many opportunities. To take full advantage of those opportunities, YOU must not only have strong academic skills but a repertoire of experiences in the real world. There’s no better way to do this than through a Work-Based Learning Program.

Work-based Learning (WBL) extends the traditional classroom and traditional styles of learning to the real world. It is the perfect pairing of academics and application. Enhance your academics, professional preparation, and personal development while you match your career interest, pathway, abilities, and talents with a position with a local business. Work in a career field of your choice and earn school credit. If you are a junior or senior and 16 years or older and want to work on your future now, WBL is the place for you.

Delta Community Credit Union Student Intern
Campbell High Senior

In WBL you will:

  • Test-drive a career
  • Employ your creativity and ingenuity on the job
  • Apply academic knowledge
  • Network with business and industry
  • Develop business and industry mentors
  • Develop and refine skills
  • Learn the culture and etiquette of a business
  • Gain a “real world” perspective
  • Enhance soft skill and work ethic development

Be one giant step ahead, gain the competitive advantage
with the Work-Based Learning Program!