Fine Arts
Fine Arts

Christopher Ferrell
Supervisor, Band/Orchestra

Dr. Joseph Woodruff
Supervisor, K-12 General & Choral Music, Theatre, and Dance

Laura LaQuaglia
Supervisor, Learning Design and Visual Arts

Stacy Levy
P: 770-426-3404

Welcome to the CCSD Fine Arts Department

The fine arts are composed of many art forms and united by their engagement of human creativity. They are unique tools of expression that allow all people to express feelings and emotions, connect with other times and cultures, and develop new insights. The arts enrich the quality of life by connecting memories, inspiring courage, enriching celebrations, adding beauty to life, and making tragedies bearable. They contribute to a child’s development and foster the skills of communication, creativity, and cognition. Education in the arts benefits the student because it cultivates the whole child, gradually building many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication.

Because the arts are both universal and culturally specific, they are a powerful means of increasing international and intercultural awareness. Through the study of the arts, students gain a greater understanding of their own culture as well as preparation for global citizenship. The arts enable students to frame the world from an aesthetic perspective, allowing them to see that there are many ways in which the world can be viewed. All students deserve access to the arts through creation, production, and performance, and study.

The fine arts – visual arts, music, theatre, and dance – are fundamental ways of knowing and thinking. While the arts are similar in the effect that they have on our lives, each discipline within the arts has its own skills, techniques, expectations, outcomes, cognitive development, and speaks to individual interests. In Cobb, we value the arts for the distinct and significant effect they have on the lives of our students both in the present and in their futures.

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