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Music Department

Marching Band Auxiliary Unit Sponsor

Position Title: Marching Band Auxiliary Unit Sponsor

Division: Local School

Qualifications:Employments as a certified teacher in Cobb County Schools

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:Experience with drill team, flags, rifles, baton, and/or marching percussion either as a performer or as a teacher wanting to teach those techniques

Primary Function:To provide supervision and instruction for the auxiliary units of the marching band

Major Responsibilities:

  • To participate in planning routines for those auxiliary units for which for sponsor is responsible
  • To maintain on-task behavior during rehearsals, seeing that necessary learning or practice is accomplished
  • To provide supervision at rehearsals and performances of the marching band or the unit for which responsible
  • To offer constructive criticism of performances and implement plans for improvement
  • To assist the band director in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect and pride between the various units of the total marching band
  • To begin rehearsals with the units and/or band as can be arranged prior to pre-planning
  • To hold Spring try-outs and practices as needed