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Guidelines For Personnel Who Work With Extracurricular Activities


The term advisor will be used to refer to coaches, directors (band, chorus, orchestra, etc.), sponsors (drill team, guard, etc.), and any other person who is assigned to supervise extracurricular or performance type of activities.

An athletic coach must be employed by the Cobb County School District and must meet the qualifications of the Georgia High School Association.

The term participation will be used to refer to conditioning, tryouts, practice, rehearsals, concerts, and games.

Interscholastic athletics and other extracurricular activities in the Cobb County School District shall be administered as a part of the total school program and under the same administrative guidelines as other parts of the educational program. All events in which Cobb County schools participate shall be conducted under the rules and regulations of the Cobb County School Board, State School Board Policy, State School Standards, Georgia High School Association, the National Federation of State High Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accrediting Agency.

The activities program is an integral part of the total school program. All advisors must be considered as teachers first and advisors second, even though the two aspects of our program are interrelated.

Advisors should exhibit interest in the total school program as much as possible and have the same responsibility toward faculty meetings, in-service meetings, assemblies, PTA, and other school activities as other teachers.

In contacts with patrons outside the school programs, it is the responsibility of advisors to interpret school regulations and policies and to see that they are adhered to insofar as possible. Good judgment on the part of advisors can avoid embarrassment or the creation of friction and misunderstandings. Advisors have much influence on the schools’ public relations.

Advisors are in a unique position to influence behavior and character development. Therefore, it is essential that advisors’ conduct be of the highest order and that they assume the responsibility for assuring equally desirable conduct from the members of their teams/student groups. Some specific areas of emphasis are:

  1. Use of profanity in the performance of duties will not be permitted.
  2. The use of tobacco by employees or non-employees assisting in school activities shall be prohibited in all school system buildings, offices and vehicles, while in the presence or view of students, and while supervising student activities or school-sponsored events.
  3. Students will not be allowed to argue with officials or display other unsportsmanlike acts.
  4. Advisors are expected to be well-groomed and appropriately dressed at all times.
  5. Advisors are expected to be supportive of administrative decisions, even those with which they may disagree.