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Music Department

Equipment for Loan

Equipment can be loaned to schools for performances and activities. All warehouse procedures must be followed (see the warehouse web-site for forms). Due to changes in the warehouse, the loaning of this equipment will be phased out during the 2005-2006 school year.

Choral Risers:
20 sets of Wenger 3-step Portable risers

Acoustical Shells:
14 main sections and 12 fillers available

Music Stands:
100 Wenger stands on racks

Sound Systems:
Available through Ravi Narine (770-514-3819).

Use of these systems requires a basic knowledge of set up and operation of sound equipment and care taken to return it in operating condition. It is the teacher’s responsibility to arrange for pick up and return of the system.

1 Mackie Mixer and Amplifier rack on wheels
1 Peavey 1200 Mixer/Amplifier – 12 Channel/4 line out
2 speakers
2 Peavey Speakers and stands
4 Peavey monitor speakers
8 Solo Peavey Dynamic PVM22 Microphones
4 Shure SM58 handheld Microphones
6 Audio Technica Choir Microphones – phantom power or battery
power - AT853a, with stands

Be sure to request microphone stands, microphone and speaker cable (designate length needed).